Emily In Paris – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Live From Paris, It’s Emily Cooper

We begin episode 4 of Emily in Paris season 3 with Emily enjoying her fun-unemployed life after leaving Savoir to travel more in Paris, and she’s spending her time doing Instagram lives.

While Emily is occupied ticking things off her Paris list of places to visit and sharing it with her admirers, Sylvie and her team are working tirelessly at Agence Grateau, wherein Sylvie appears to have stolen Emily’s pet filters concept because she’s marketing it to the clients without Emily. Shortly after the end of the conference, Luc admits that Emily discussed it with him, which is how he and Julien managed to come up with it. Sylvie is fair to be upset, informing them that they shouldn’t count on the suggestions of a person who doesn’t work there.

At Camille’s gallery, she is collaborating with Sofia, a brand-new client. In what seems like a confession booth that is a piece of her art displayed in the gallery, Sofia is pressed up against Camille and comments, “Somehow I think you always get what you want”. Sofia, whose exhibit is dedicated to secrets, offers Camille one of her secrets since she doesn’t have one. Camille’s cell beeps thereafter, interrupting their moment.

Gabriel is shouting at somebody on the cellphone over at his restaurant, however, we are swiftly whisked over to see Emily and Mindy. Emily and Mindy begin planning how to best utilize Emily’s days, which are now incredibly dull. Gabriel approaches them as they enjoy their cocktails to complain about his dishonest server, who lost his job.

As soon as Emily offers to rise to the occasion, Gabriel remarks that she doesn’t know the menu but hesitantly welcomes her. She is hired when the diner opens that evening, but she has trouble communicating with French clients. She nevertheless manages to pull everything off, charming everybody to the point that one of the clients asks to take a picture with her.

That evening while in bed with her lover, Sylvie, who is managing her firm without Emily, becomes so anxious due to all the red tape that she has to deal with that she contacts her husband, Laurent, asking for support.

The following day, Sylvie has a meeting with Camille as well as her parents, who are horrified to learn that Emily continues to reside in Paris and spends her days leading Segway tours. After their discussion, Camille exits the office with her parents and, for the first time, she recognizes that her decision to break her promise with Emily and get back together with Gabriel was terrible. The matter is dropped because her parents don’t find fault with it.

Sylvie is reclining on the couch in her house post work, getting a bit comfortable with her spouse (that she is no longer romantically connected to). Erik, Sylvie’s lover, enters the room and is furious while she and Laurent enjoy red wine over a stack of paperwork. He is thrown over the edge, particularly after finding out that Laurent will be living with them for a couple of days. After that, Sylvie continues to act like it’s no big deal.

Soon, it’s premiere night at Camille’s exhibit, and she’s addressing her mother’s fears about Emily continuing to work at Gabriel’s diner after she went there and was shocked to realize that her server was the same girl who had recently slept with her man. However, Camille is cool-headed and dismisses her mother’s comments. Thereafter, she heads over to rescue Sofia, who is currently trapped by an older man. Sofia appreciates her efforts and adds that the clingy art patron was just not her type after she acknowledges that she cooked up an excuse to keep Sofia away from him. She goes on to tell Camille that she’s into smart French women with exquisite taste.

We head back to Gabriel’s diner, where a customer seems to be on the verge of passing away, and Emily is to blame. The man is experiencing difficulties breathing because Emily served him a dish containing mushrooms after mistaking his intolerance while taking his order. The lady sitting next to him declares that Emily should be fired since she is unqualified for her job.

Camille is finishing up at the exhibit when Sofia whispers something in her ear that, although we can’t hear it, it surprises Camille. Camille grins as she starts to turn around and enters the confession booth, only to gasp a second later.

Emily is fired from Gabriel’s diner after nearly killing a man, and Gabriel goes on to give her a lecture on how she should stop turning life into a job and she should start living.

Since Emily pitches Kir Royales to Camille’s parents previously as a canned drink for their brand, her former employer believes that the cosmos is trying to tell her something.

After locating Emily go-karting alongside Mindy, she tells her that she’s aware of the dog food filter and asks her to work for her again. Naturally, Emily agrees, but she also has to check off one more item from her bucket list—having intercourse with Alfie on a Ferris wheel.

The Episode Review

Emily enjoying her unemployed situation by sightseeing appears far too romantic in this episode. She then asks to assist Gabriel in his restaurant and is hired despite the fact that she is not proficient in French and is fired easily thereafter solely because she is not enjoying life.

The plotlines of the secondary characters, especially Sylvie’s, are extremely weak. Sylvie has a husband and a lover, and she expects her lover to be okay with her husband (with whom she is supposedly not romantically involved with) staying over for a couple of days.

The episode concludes with Sylvie hiring Emily almost immediately after firing her. In this instance, too, the protagonist escapes the consequences of her actions by taking a couple of vacation days and touring around before being recruited again.

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