Emily In Paris – Season 3 Episode 1 “I Have Two Lovers” Recap & Review

I Have Two Lovers

Emily in Paris Season 2 concluded with our lead character at a point where the road splits. Emily was caught between her simple past and her chaotic and adventurous possibility, with Sylvie leaving Savoir to establish her own agency and Madeline pressing on with a fresh batch of clients as well as coworkers. The finale ended with Emily contacting Sylvie and informing her that she’s taken her decision, but the Season 3 opener uncovers that the decision she took wasn’t straightforward.

During a dramatic opening sequence on the Eiffel Tower, episode 1 of Emily in Paris season 3 sees Emily stuck between Sylvie and Madeline, with her two employers circling and pressuring her for answers. Emily moves backward when the two women approach her, falling from the roof and waking up from her nightmare thereafter.

While going off to work alongside Mindy, Emily runs into Camille who is collecting croissants for Gabriel since she broke her promise to Emily and has not only patched up with her boyfriend but has also moved in with him within the same apartment complex. Camille goes on to tell her that Sylvie approached her mother in order to get the family’s champagne company as a client for her new company. When Emily mentions she’s trying to resolve the matter, Camille expresses compassion and assures Emily that her family will continue to support whichever company she chooses to work for. Camille also adds, “I’m loyal to you”.

Following the uncomfortable breakfast interaction, Emily leaves to meet Madeline at Savoir. Madeline appears from behind the doorway waving a packet of “black market Fritos” as the employee braces herself to inform her supervisor that she is resigning. Before Emily has a chance to speak, she is dragged into a briefing with Gabriel and Antoine. Later, Doug, her ex-boyfriend who now works as a global executive with McDonald’s, calls Emily unexpectedly and he wants to hire Emily’s company to promote the Mc Baguette.

After wrapping up her conversation with Doug, Emily walks into the group’s new workplace at Sylvie’s house and as a solution to Sylvie’s concern, she pitches the Mc Baguette thereafter. Emily’s suggestion is then rejected by Sylvie as MC Donald’s is not a luxury brand. Following this, a client meeting begins as Gabriel and Antoine arrive, which shocks Emily as she previously saw them at Savoir.

Following the meeting, Antoine leaves Emily alongside Gabriel, who questions Emily if she’s well and asks what she’s done to her hair. He then invites her to McDonald’s for a meal, where he kindly proposes reserving several tables in his restaurant for Alfie’s farewell party as Alfie returns to London.

When Emily is asked to translate the existentialist saying “not choosing is still choosing”, Alfie makes his first appearance since Season 2 of the show in French class.

The following day, Emily returns to Sylvie’s company and persuades Sylvie to have a discussion with the McBaguette client. Emily is required to arrange the client’s meal during the same evening as Alfie’s party. Emily, though, is adamant that she can manage both events. Luc realizes he left his laptop in Savoir before leaving to join Sylvie, so he is asked to return to get it.

When Luc visits Savoir, he runs into Madeline there and engages in a silly back-and-forth, and reveals the truth about Emily working for Sylvie in the process. The situation worsens when Luc spills the beans about the McBaguette client meal that night, unintentionally encouraging Madeline—who is understandably infuriated to crash it.

Emily is wearing the feathery coat from her nightmare when she is on the roof of the Eiffel Tower later that evening. Sylvie, who’s been standing behind Emily, lights a cigarette and starts to wonder about how Madeline responded to Emily’s resignation. However, before she can respond, Sylvie very politely appears to offer herself up as her new mentor, revealing a fresh, compassionate side of herself. Their happy moment is cut short by the appearance of the McDonalds representative thereafter.

Alfie’s farewell celebration begins as Mindy, Camille, and Gabriel accompany him at the diner for farewell drinks. Of course, Alfie realizes that Emily is not there, but Antoine, who gives him his favorite cologne as a farewell gift, swiftly diverts his attention. While they are engaged in business-related conversation, Mindy dashes out to the corner to receive a call from the supervisor of the place at which she and her band played. Even though it’s wonderful news and he claims to have loved her, the place only seems to want Mindy to play regularly, not the remainder of the band. This could cause problems for Mindy given the already tumultuous state of her relationship with Benoît.

The MC Donald’s representative seems to adore the “elegant, retro” touch the company is giving the Mc Baguette owing to Emily’s Chicago charm, but just as he says, “I’m lovin’ it”, Madeline bursts in and reveals herself to be the boss. Owing to Madeline, a huge mess has been made of the entire evening, and it keeps getting worse. The client from McDonald’s leaves as Madeline’s water breaks on Sylvie’s shoes. Emily volunteers to go to the hospital with Madeline, but she declines as she is rushed into an ambulance. Emily wants to explain herself to Sylvie once she is left alone, but Sylvie fires her.

As Emily makes her way to Alfie’s party, Emily can’t wallow for too long. Sadly, the seats are now being stacked and fewer people are present when she arrives. Alfie is leaving the venue as Emily enters. He believes that Emily has already prioritized her career over their connection, and when she is unable to inform him when she will be in London, he quotes the French proverb from Sartre telling her that “not choosing is still a choice”, before getting into a waiting car and speeding into the Parisian night.

The Episode Review

Emily’s decision to stay in Paris is revealed in the episode. Additionally, Emily is going through a crisis over having to tell Madeline that she has chosen to work for Sylvie while Madeline is pregnant. Despite the show’s lighthearted and dramatic premise, Emily is shown working at both of the competing companies at the same time, which seems too unrealistic.

The show’s characters don’t seem to suffer any repercussions for their actions. In this episode, we see Camille break her pact with Emily, and Emily just lets it slide. Furthermore, Camille doesn’t appear to have any remorse, which is rather odd. Although Emily and Camille have both betrayed each other on different occasions, Camille goes on to tell Emily, “I’m loyal to you”, which just doesn’t add up.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with Sylvie firing Emily and Madeline discovering the truth about Emily two-timing her job. Furthermore, Alfie leaves the restaurant after being immensely disappointed in Emily. It’ll be intriguing to see the direction this season takes.

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