Emily In Paris – Season 2 Episode 10: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 10 of Emily In Paris Season 2 begins with Madeline deciding they need to make personnel changes at Savoir. With the books a mess, even Emily’s objections can’t change this runaway train.

Does Gregory agree to sign with Savoir?

The meeting is cut short by Gregory Dupree. Savoir learn that he’s been fired and left humiliated 2 days before his big fashion event. While the majority of Savoir end up laughing at his misfortune, Madeline senses an opportunity. She wants to bring him onboard as another client. The thing is, this is a conflict of interest with Pierre. Madeline’s interjections could cause serious issues with their personnel.

Julien and Emily team up to try and find Gregory. Well, it doesn’t take long as they track him down at a club. Emily suggests he theme his collection and her ideas are enough to convince Gregory to sign on.

In the morning, trouble brews as Sylvie’s husband Laurent shows up on work duties. Erik is there too though, and it causes all sorts of awkwardness to ensue. Still, Laurent heads out for a meeting with Sylvie and agrees to transfer the funds for her.

Does Alfie find out about Emily and Gabriel?

With the big event coming up, Emily turns to Gabriel for help. He agrees to make 80 cakes in Versailles for their big event. As Emily hugs him, Alfie shows up and sees them together. Alfie questions Gabriel, who lies and claims that beyond hooking up once before, there’s nothing going on. He smiles weakly as they’re both rejoined by Emily.

Out in the streets, Mindy heads up to see Benoit and apologizes for what’s happened. He’s pretty standoffish though and Mindy’s apology falls on deaf ears. Despite Etienne setting up a gig for them at a club, Benoit walks away. However, later on things are resolved as Mindy patches things up with the band, knocking it out the bag with a great song at their gig.

The Fashion Show Fiasco

Meanwhile, Pierre and Gregory hurriedly patch up their differences at the fashion show. Given their long-standing feud, it’s hurriedly patched up… as Pierre turns his rage against Savoir instead. In fact, he fires them and decides to find new representatives. Of course, Madeline is the one to blame for this but she too turns her attention across to Sylvie.

Well, Sylvie has been ready for this and decides to resign, alongside Luc and Julien. Emily is hurt that she’s not been included in this decision.

More bad news arrives later that afternoon. Alfie’s time in London has come to an end and he’s about to head back to London. He’s been staying longer than scheduled to stick with Emily. Although he’s going back, he decides they should continue seeing each other.

That’s a problem though because as Emily meets Madeline at the office in the morning, she’s intent on hiring a brand new younger staff who can run the company the way she wants. In doing so, that would allow Emily to head back to Chicago. Yay? A text from Sylvie though brings a new opportunity.

What happened with Laurent and Sylvie’s meeting?

Remember Lauren’s funds and Sylvie’s meeting? Well, it turns out he’s actually bought her shares of his club and Sylvie is using that money to start a brand new firm. They’re still figuring it out but Pierre is onboard and Gregory is too… but only if Emily signs on. That would also mean she needs to stick around in Paris for longer than usual.

How does Emily In Paris Season 2 end?

There’s also the drama involving Gabriel and Alfie too, as Emily realizes she needs to tell the truth. Only, when she shows up at his place, she learns that Camille and Gabriel are back together. Remember when Emily spent 4 episodes trying to get them back together? Anyway, now that they actually are, Emily is not happy. She heads out and struggles to compose herself. In fact, she rings Sylvie and tells her she’s made her decision.

So what decision has Emily made? I think it’s fair to say she’s going to choose to stay in Paris but we’re left with a cliffhanger all the same.

The Episode Review

Despite being 38 minutes long, this chapter rushes through its simmering drama across this year. The Benoit/Mindy situation is the only subplot that’s actually given some legs while the worst of the rushed storylines comes from Pierre and Gregory’s feud. There’s absolutely no build-up before they’re both thrust into working together and beyond the fake-out repercussions of leaving Savoir, everything is resolved without much aplomb.

That’s before mentioning the eye-rolling contrivance featuring a heavily pregnant Madeline flying all the way from Chicago just to disrupt Savoir and change the way thy do things. If the company is making money then as an executive, she could have done all of this from Chicago. Of course, that would also prevent the ensuing drama across these two episodes – so there is that.

The biggest problem here though comes from the poor message this season presents. Lying is a consistent trend across Emily In Paris and this second season builds its foundations on lies with no repercussions. Now, I know Camille and Emily had their little spat but even after that Emily continues to lie, making her pact and not revealing the truth about Gabriel. That goes for Alfie too, who’s none the wiser to Emily’s lies.

It’s not just Emily though, as Sylvie has lied to Erik about still being married, with no repercussions from what we’ve seen. Whether intentional or not, that’s not a great precedent to set here!

Either way, this season rounds things out with a big cliffhanger baiting for a third season. Given Netflix haven’t actually green-lit this yet (at least not at the time of writing) then we’ll have to wait and see what happens with the viewing figures for this. For now, everything bows out with a pretty average final episode.

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