Emily In Paris – Season 2 Episode 9 “Scents and Sensibility” Recap & Review

Scents and Sensibility

Episode 9 of Emily In Paris Season 2 begins with Camille and Emily together cheering on Alfie and Gabriel as they play football. After, Emily invites Alfie out for a proper dinner, away from Gabriel’s restaurant. However, she has bigger problems to deal with when Madeline arrives from Chicago to check up on Savoir. Specifically, she begins looking through their accounts, which certainly gets Sylvie on edge. She even sits in on their meetings too, instilling “words of wisdom”.

Meanwhile, Mindy’s social media blows up as she learns her busking is big news. With headlines like “from heiress to homeless”, Mindy immediately blames Etienne, especially when she learns that he’s been talking to a journalist, someone who claims to be one of his friends.

The truth about Mindy is eventually outed to Benoit too, who’s pained by Mindy’s lies and pretending to be poor. It’s obviously not that cut and dry but Benoit is not happy. Eventually it leads to her leaving, unable to face the music (no pun intended!)

Emily walks past the buskers with Madeline, who quickly realizes that Mindy has gone home. Just prior to this though, Emily also learns that Savoir appear to be cooking the books. Antoine has grown his businesses exponentially but Savoir are still charging the same amount. According to Madeline, they should have increased their charges by now.

Sylvie and Madeline fall out over the Antoine accounts, with the latter even approaching him at a party and suggesting they increase the fees. When he politely leaves, Catherine hangs back and tells Madeline the truth about Antoine’s affair and the arrangement currently in place. They’re not paying the full rate because of this affair. In fact, she even throws shade at Erik and points out that Sylvie is dating him now.

Madeline takes Emily aside and talks to her about Sylvie. She wants Emily to grill Luc and find out how deep this rabbit hole goes. Only, in their absence Luc reveals that Gabriel and Emily used to be together. When Alfie presses him on it though, Luc immediately skips away.

As the episode comes to a close, Alfie questions Emily about Gabriel. And like she’s been doing all season long, she lies. She fails to tell the truth and instead shrugs it off, claiming that she and Gabriel are just friends.

The Episode Review

As we approach the business end of this season, Catherine’s arrival in France while heavily pregnant brings up yet more contrivances. First of all, that’s a big trip from Chicago to France and given how pregnant she is, it’s doubtful that airlines would actually let her fly. It’s actually quite common knowledge so it’s another nail in the contrivance coffin that this show has been pedaling all season long.

Also, what happened to Emily’s French lessons? This subplot has just been completely dropped, used as an excuse to meet Alfie but then never bothered with again. In fact, Emily isn’t even speaking that much French now either.

Meanwhile, the Camille situation has just completely fizzled out; there’s not much in the way of drama and the whole tepid affair between the her and Gabriel appears to be strung out for this final episode. Lets hope this one ends on a bang.

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