Emily In Paris – Season 2 Episode 7 “The Cook, the Thief, Her Ghost and His Lover” Recap & Review

The Cook, the Thief, Her Ghost and His Lover

Episode 7 of Emily In Paris Season 2 begins with Emily struggling to adjust to the humidity in Paris. With no air conditioning, she decides to head out to the office. En-route, she bumps into Gabriel. The two have a brief chat but there’s not much to note beyond that.

Anyway, Madeline voice-calls with Sylvie and confirms that there’s a big event going on involving Pelotech. Emily is ecstatic when she finds out and immediately jumps in to be part of this.

Meanwhile, Mindy grows closer to Benoit. She learns that he used to go to music college and as they talk outside, lying on the grass after a picnic, it eventually leads to more as they start kissing.

Elsewhere, Alfie and Emily begin to grow closer together. Their teacher though is not best pleased with their closeness, although Emily is the one who gets the plaudits here. Specifically, when her teacher points out she’s now fully immersing herself into the language.

There’s clear chemistry between the two though, as Alfie invites Emily back to his apartment to cool down, given he has air conditioning. This is a bit of a juxtaposition given things soon heat up when they’re together.

Alfie laments than he’s in a city with no one that speaks his language (maybe he should start working at Savoir then and follow Emily given she hasn’t had any problems so far.) Anyway, their flirty behaviour soon leads to kissing and so much more.

In the morning Emily tries to sneak out without Alfie noticing but he wakes up and sees her off with a big kiss. He also gives her his jacket to wear home too.

After her eventful morning, Emily runs into Gabriel while wearing Alfie’s jacket. It’s an incredibly awkward moment but soon brushes that aside as she fronts the Pelotech campaign at work. Sylvie isn’t thrilled with the concept but Emily presses ahead to set up a big PR stunt on the Seine.

After their night, Emily rings Alfie and gets through to his voicemail. Julien notices and calls out Emily’s desperation. He confirms that if he ghosts her for over 24 hours then he’s not into her. Unfortunately Emily is absolutely mad for him, texting constantly which makes her look crazy (and more than a little clingy.)

Alfie, as it turns out, is actually in Gabriel’s restaurant watching the football. It’s Gabriel who messages and it turns out Alfie actually lost his phone, hence why he ended up there. Emily had Alfie’s phone all along. It’s in his jacket… the jacket she was wearing in the morning that Gabriel noticed on her. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, things between Mindy and Benoit take another twist when Etienne finds out she used to be the “Chinese pop princess”. Mindy wants this kept a secret though and she doesn’t want to ruin things. For now, he agrees to keep quiet.

Speaking of ruining things, Emily heads back to the restaurant and Gabriel calls out what’s happened. He knows Emily likes Alfie but admits that it’s difficult for him to watch it play out. Alfie and Emily head out for a drink together all the same, leaving him back at the restaurant alone.

The Episode Review

This season has been pretty tepid when it comes to its drama. There have really not been a whole lot of fireworks and beyond the earlier incident involving Camille, most of this season has been coasting through its subplots and work campaigns, half-baking some and ditching others.

Emily In Paris has really struggled to give any of the supporting characters a consistent arc too. Luc, for example, has absolutely nothing to do beyond a few jokes here and there. That’s a shame given early on it looked like there was going to be a proper connection with Emily at the cinema.

Disappointing is ultimately the name of the game here though as this second season struggles to justify its renewal.

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