Emily In Paris – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Family Vacation

After kissing Gabriel again, episode 8 of Emily In Paris begins with our protagonist receiving a message from Camille to meet. Uh oh. Sitting down to eat together, Camille gets right to the point. She asks whether Savoir will take her on as a client at the company. Emily immediately says yes but when she returns to Savoir, the trio ask her to get her head in the game and learn more about this client before just accepting someone outside.

This sees her head up to Camille’s family chateau that weekend with Camille. Only, Gabriel happens to tag along as well. Things have just got very interesting!

Emily does her best to ignore him but it instead brings her outside to Camille’s father who happens to be sunbathing naked. Averting her eyes, Emily instead heads off to the local market to try the wine.

Meanwhile, Mindy meets her old friends from Shanghai who head over to drink in Paris. Midway through the evening they give her career a boost by making her sing in front of everyone. She absolutely nails the song too and all the girls record her performance.

Emily watches this too and as the evening draws on, she overhears Camille and Gabriel fighting. Needing a break, Emily heads outside and sits by the pool where Camille’s brother arrives. He manages to woo her and they talk about her trip to Paris. That conversation soon turns steamy as Emily and Camille’s brother wind up sleeping together that night.

In the morning, Emily awakens and finds that she’s got a hickey on her neck. Even worse, the whole family know about what’s happened. Camille’s mother pulls her away and asks Emily whether her son is a good lover or not. After composing herself, Emily finally gets down to brass tacks.

She decides that they should use a social media campaign for the champagne. She uses the video of Mindy to use as an example and suggests they sign it up as the “official spray” of Paris. Deciding to think it over, the episode ends with Camille, Mindy and Emily heading back home again after an eventful weekend out the city.

The Episode Review

With a slightly changed setting, Emily In Paris delivers another episode that teases big things but never quite pulls the trigger. I was ready for Gabriel to head out and meet Emily by the pool but alas, that’s not to be. Instead, the episode allows the Mindy side-plot to become a welcome distraction as she starts to follow her dreams.

The deeper will they/won’t they for Gabriel and Emily keeps the series simple but engaging enough to see this love triangle through to its conclusion. The humour comes back a bit this episode too which is excellent to see but the lack of fluent French in this feels like a bit of a missed opportunity in truth.

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