Emily In Paris – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Emily In Paris begins just after the kissing mishap. Mindy and Emily discuss what to do with her Gabriel situation but this is made more difficult when Camille shows up for breakfast.

As they all get cozy, Emily is mistaken for an influencer and invited along to a new event at a cosmetic company. Only, Savoir have a grudge against this company and Julien tells her not to go there.

Emily ignores this of course, undermining her own employers and heading up to see Olivia Thompson who happens to be the CEO. When Emily shows up, it turns out she’s not alone.

There happens to be a whole wave of other mobile phone enthusiasts waiting to snap a photo with the woman.

Emily posts a clever advertisement on her social media and eventually gets to see Olivia Thompson who calls her a brand ambassador. Instead of using marketing, she wants an easy influencer like Emily to work with her.

Given Emily’s Master degree in marketing, she manages to bag herself lunch with Olivia the next day. Emily is determined to go over what she can do for their brand.

After work, Emily heads home but finds herself acting as the awkward third wheel to Camille and Gabriel’s date. When Camille is called away, they talk about their “forgettable” kiss and things seem to be a little less awkward now.

The next day, Emily heads to a meeting with Olivia and instead of being her brand ambassador, blindsides her with a proposition of getting back onboard with Savoir. She refuses the invitation though, telling her she’s high on Paris and certainly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Back at the office, Sylvie and Emily come to blows over her social media account – ultimately telling her to delete her profile otherwise there will be trouble.

Sending it off with one last hoorah, Mindy and Emily head out drinking in the streets together. Stumbling around drunk, Emily eventually heads back home where Gabriel shows up just as she’s fumbling with the entrance. Gabriel admits that he felt the same thing as her after the kiss and they go their separate ways.

Despite deleting her social media profile, Emily is forced to reactivate it again given she’s now classed as an influencer. Sylvie is not happy but Emily heads out and does her bed advert as requested.

When Camille shows up, the duo upload a picture with “#getinbedwithus” which Gabriel looks at and hits a big like to.

The Episode Review

There’s an obvious love triangle brewing now but the early season shine is just starting to rub off and become more formulaic.

Emily’s woes in France with the language have all but been forgotten, with Emily’s English opening doors rather than closing them. Despite the teasing glimpses early on that this would be a problem, it’s been completely sidelined.

That’s to say nothing of the social media deus ex machina which has constantly been used to further the plot and get Emily out of trouble. This is only made worse by seemingly no flaws with Emily’s can-do attitude.

Of course, her kissing Gabriel is still a big talking point and I wonder how Camille will react when she finds out.

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