Emily In Paris – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

An Urgent Lunch

Episode 4 of Emily In Paris begins with Emily buying some flowers and meeting a new girl called Camille. She gives her some tips for where to visit next and tells Emily to relax. She works for an art gallery and there’s a big opening which Emily is invited to.

For now though, she receives a big delivery from the States which Gabriel helps her with up the stairs to her apartment. There he spies the lingerie Antoine bought her and she’s forced to explain the messy situation at work.

After trying one of his omelets, Emily returns to work and finds out that Sylvie and Antoine are having a serious disagreement about their products and business deals.

Emily tries to salvage the situation and explains that she’s going to market the perfume for them. Despite trying to save her, Sylvie confronts the American about the lingerie, forcing her to think quickly and tell her it’s from Gabriel.

Luc and Julien quickly arrive and invite Emily out for an urgent lunch. They warn her against starting anything with Antoine as this could be very difficult for her going forward. Mindy doesn’t share the same opinion at the gallery later, telling Emily she should bed whoever she wants.

With lots to think about, Emily meets Randy Zimmer and tries to win him over. Of course, her real intention is using Antoine’s perfume to try and get in Sylvie’s good books. It seems to work for now, with him arriving at Savoir the next day for an upcoming meeting.

After fumbling with the dates, Emily’s dinner plans go disastrously as she gets her reservation mixed up. Phoning Gabriel, she manages to salvage the evening by visiting Gabriel’s restaurant instead.

Things seem to go swimmingly, although Sylvie pays particular attention to Gabriel’s good looks when he passes the table. On the way out Sylvie thanks Emily for saving the day.

As the group depart, Emily heads back in and kisses Gabriel after a successful evening. When she leaves the place, she heads outside and runs into Camille… who happens to be Gabriel’s girlfriend. Oh no.

The Episode Review

The romance melodrama finally gets a chance to blossom this episode. With the attention turned back to the main narrative, things are much more consistent and seem to be progressing nicely.

There’s a great tone to this episode that really helps the story flow and some of that is thanks to the humour that oozes through this one. There’s a lovely undercurrent of soapiness to this that shakes off some of the rust last episode.

Let’s hope that continues going forward!

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