‘Emergency’ Ending Explained: Do Kunle’s worst fears come true?

Emergency Plot Synopsis

Emergency is a brand new movie currently streaming on Amazon Prime. It follows three students, Kunle, Sean, and Carlos who try to get a drunk girl to the hospital after they find her passed out in their living room.

Taking the girl to safety is the right thing to do but the boys are fearful that others might misinterpret their actions. Kunle is especially fearful of the police and what they might do if they catch up to them. As police aggression against the Black community is commonplace, his fears are understandable.

They have done nothing wrong but with the prejudices that exist, there is the assumption that the police will mistreat them if they are sighted with the unconscious girl.

Do the students make it to the hospital without being caught by the police? Or does racism rear its ugly head to confirm Kunle’s worst fears? Keep reading to find out more.

How did the girl end up in the boys’ living room?

This is something we don’t find out until the end of the movie but we will fill you in on this now anyway. The girl, whose name is Emma, gets drunk after going to a party, but rather than returning to her sister’s home, she accidentally entered into the boys’ home instead before passing out.

She managed to get into the building because Carlos, who was engrossed in a video game in another room, forgot to lock the door. As he was wearing a headset, he didn’t hear Emma wander in and pass out in the room behind him.

How do the boys react when they find Emma?

Understandably, they start to panic. Kunle initially wants to call the police but Sean tells him this is a bad idea. After some thought, Kunle agrees, as he realises the cops might treat them unfavourably if they see an injured white girl in their living room.

They contemplate the best course of action. Leaving her where she is doesn’t seem to be the best idea and neither does the option of leaving her outside the frat party that she probably came from. In the end, they decide taking her to the hospital is the right thing to do although Kunle is still worried that somebody will see them with the body.

Do the boys make it to the hospital?

Yes, but not before they get into a number of setbacks along the way, including Emma waking up, panicking, and escaping into the woods. They also have to deal with Emma’s sister Maddie who tracks Emma down using her smartphone app.

After finding Emma and convincing Maddie that they aren’t bad guys, they continue on their trip to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Emma’s health takes a downward spiral when her body temperature starts to fall. To make matters even more complicated, the police start to follow them and ask them to pull over. With Emma’s life on the line, stopping the van would be the wrong thing to do, so despite the police’s request, they continue on their journey regardless.

Carlos drives as fast as he can until they all arrive at the emergency section of the hospital. The police also arrive and they surround the van before ordering the group to get out of the vehicle.

Do Kunle’s worst fears come true?

With the exception of Kunle who is giving Emma CPR in the back of the van, everybody gets out of the vehicle with their hands up.

Kunle is then forced to get out of the van with a police officer pointing a gun at his head. He is pushed to the ground and told to put his hands behind his back. It’s at this point that he thinks his worst fears are starting to come true as he thinks he might get shot simply for being a Black man.

Thankfully, Maddie and her friends are able to convince the police that Kunle has done nothing wrong and they remove the gun from his head.

The boys aren’t charged with any crime and Emma receives the medical help she needs. Kunle and Carlos are then told by the police to call 911 if they ever find somebody unconscious. This might sound like the obvious thing to do but while Kunles’s worst fears didn’t come true – he didn’t die because of his skin colour – the whole night has still been traumatizing for the innocent man.

When Kunle later hears a police siren when back at home with his friends, it is clear from the look in his eyes that there is still the fear of the police wrapped up inside of him.


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