Emergence – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Robot Dog

After last week’s dramatic episode, Emergence returns for a deeper look at the conspiracy as new players enter the fold and we learn more about Piper’s mysterious powers.

With the air-band radio in her possession, the episode begins with Jo attempting to decipher the messages before telling Alex to leave before things get confusing. Despite this, he promises to help decode the messages. However, when Piper ends up sick she changes her mind about him leaving and he reluctantly agrees to stay behind and look after her.

Outside, Benny arrives with pastries and sweet talks his way into speaking to Piper. She refuses of course but before she can elaborate, Jo learns the reporter is awake and heads in to interview him. It turns out his name is Kent Learner and he was hired by a man named Richard Kindred who owns a tech company. Meanwhile, back home Alex learns more about Piper’s abilities as she reads the code on the computer. Despite cracking part of the message, Alex realizes they’re out of medicine and heads out with Piper to stock up.

Having found out that Kindred is the one behind all of this, Jo storms into Benny’s apartment and they discuss his past, where it’s revealed that our reporter knew more than he initially let on. Determined to talk to him, Jo rushes off to find Kindred and hands him the card. Outside, he confronts her and asks what she’s done to it as it doesn’t appear to be working. Getting nowhere, they leave things on an ominous note after he threatens her well-being.

Piper, meanwhile, has a vision at the pharmacy which results in her rushed to hospital, where Jo checks in on her. While there, she receives a mysterious text from someone who offers advice on curing Piper – 2mg of copper. Querying it with one of her colleagues and without a clear answer over what’s causing Piper’s sickness, she decides to follow the advice. It works, for a bit at least but as she starts becoming sick again, Kent experiences glitches on his hospital equipment which results in a lethal dose of morphine being administered.

Determined to get some answers, Jo and Benny team up and track down Emily, asking her about Piper. She tells them she has no idea what they’re talking about and offers to show them her phone. As she hands it over to them, the message “they’re watching” is recorded down. Later, she takes them to a remote building where a cure for Piper lies and tells them they have 5 minutes to get in and out.

Inside the building, Jo manages to find the right locker and grabs a case inside. However, the alarms go off soon after causing robot dogs to begin patrolling the area. Managing to escape, outside Emily uses the case to download a cure, telling them that the disk needs to be administered to Piper’s wrist. As Emily leaves, Jo returns to the hospital after bemoaning what she believes to be a con. However, when she gets to Piper’s bed, she places the disk on her wrist and it seems to work.

Back home, Jo ponders over what this all means while Alex tells her that Piper cracked the code where we leave the episode.

With numerous questions left hanging over the series and plenty to digest ready for next week, Emergence delivers another dramatic episode here, one that does well to add more depth and background behind the people responsible for Piper’s illness and mysterious powers.

While the series still suffers a little from comparisons to Stranger Things, there’s enough originality here to make for an enjoyable watch nonetheless. Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but for now, Emergence continues to deliver an enthralling mystery.


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