Elves – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Outbreak” Recap & Review


The Outbreak

Episode 5 of Elves begins with Kasper and Liv arriving at the fence. With the power out, a large, gaping hole confirming that the elves have got out. And they mean business.

Meanwhile, both families gather at Moller’s place, where the farmer finds himself wrestling with a nasty injury. After having a run-in with a bear-trap last episode, he’s struggling to walk. Karen berates the others over what they’ve done, deciding they ned to try and fix the fence. They also need to find Kasper and Liv too, going on to gravely declare that nothing like this has ever happened before.

As night turns to day, Liv heads off with Kasper to warn the other villagers. Unfortunately when they get there, everyone has been slaughtered. The thing is, the elves have always been on this island. It’s a sacred place but a fence was put up to keep the elves at bay while the humans made this place a home. Of course, being forced to give up your land to intruders doesn’t exactly get the elves in a forgiving mood, and their motivations are, presumably, just to wipe out all the humans forever.

Meanwhile, Josefine, Charlotte and Karen hide in the barn, as scrambling footsteps confirms the elves have arrived.  Unfortunately they’ve also arrived at Moller’s place too, as Moller finds himself stalked by an elf in the pantry. He tries to grab the axe but he’s too late. A menacing elf behind him grabs the guy and mauls him to the ground. Mads realizes Moller could be a goner and speeds away in his car, dropping the radio on the floor in the process.

When Karen learns what Josefine has done, including taking the youngling and killing the elf at the sawmill, she takes her away from Charlotte and promises to fix everything. Unfortunately that includes knocking her out with chloroform.

The Episode Review

The elves have arrived and with a lot of off-screen action happening to the villagers, things don’t look good for our characters. It seems Karen believes sacrificing Josefine could be the key to saving their lives but to be honest, it would appear Kee-Ko will play some sort of role in this too. Could be the catalyst to bridge the gap between the Elves and the humans? We shall see.

Unlike the other villagers there, Kasper and Jose seem to be the only ones who have shown some sort of kindness toward these creatures so surely that must play a part in this finale.

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