Elves – Season 1 Episode 4 “Beyond the Fence” Recap & Review

Beyond the Fence

Episode 4 of Elves begins in the woods. Jose heads out into the dark unknown, trying to find Kee-Ko. In her absence, Kasper reveals all and admits that they were keeping an elf in the barn. Charlotte and Mads are annoyed, believing it all to be one big joke.

Eventually the family drive up to the fence and find Jose’s bike. Kasper is tasked with heading over to Karen’s and asking for a key, while Charlotte and Mads stay at the site looking for clues.

Behind the fence, Jose finds herself stalked by a much larger elf. In fact, she hides out at the abandoned sawmill, eventually turning the machines on to thwart the threat and kill one of the larger elves.

Meanwhile, Moller arrives at the fence as Mads and Charlotte plead with him to open it up. Unfortunately he refuses to do so. That is, until Mads grabs his gun. The ensuing shot hits the conductors, which drops the power to the fence completely. Charlotte uses Moller’s keys to unlock the door and heads inside.

This incident is made all the more frustrating as Liv manages to pinch her mother’s keys and sets off for the fence with Kasper.

Anyway, Charlotte eventually catches up with her daughter, who manages to find the way back courtesy of a returning Kee-Ko. The trouble is, Charlotte starts kicking dirt and mud at the small elf, demanding it leave. She ignores Jose’s pleas and takes off with her daughter to the other side of the fence. The trouble is, a whole army of elves begin to close in. When they realize the fence isn’t electrified, they start banging against it, trying to break free.

The Episode Review

The shortest chapter of Elves sees Jose off in the woods while her family try and save her. It’s a pretty simple et-up and one that allows us to see a little more of these larger elves. The show has sorta rushed through most of its ideas though and I can’t shake the feeling that had these episodes been 40 minutes each, we would have had so much more time to really drink in the atmosphere, surrounding and history of the area.

I’s undeniably a fascinating concept but it also feels like the story is moving so quickly that we’re just not getting enough time to revel in the light bites of horror and mystery elements.

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