Elves – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Secret” Recap & Review

The Secret

Episode 3 of Elves begins with Moller returning home with grim news for Karen and Liv. “They’ve taken Anders.” He says, showing off the severed head. Blood stains the car.

Meanwhile, Kasper and Jose head back to the workshop to feed the little elf. The thing is, it’s already eaten. A mutilated corpse for a cat proves as much. Still, that doesn’t dissuade Josefine from cradling the little elf and showing affection for it. In fact, she decides to call it Kee-Ko.

Following a service for Anders, Karen heads over and arranges meeting for coffee with the vacationers. Charlotte obviously jumps on this, believing it’s a good opportunity to meet the townsfolk. Jose just wants to stay home with Kee-Ko.

Over at Karen’s house, Jose broaches the subject of the forest. “Why are the woods fenced off?” She eventually asks. Well, Karen mentions a terrible accident out in the sawmill where chemicals were released onto the land. Off the back of that, they decided it best to fence the place up and keep visitors away. But as we know, there’s more going on here than what we’re being told.

Josefine excuses herself to use the bathroom (ah, that ol’ chestnut!) and finds strange skulls, bits of wood and a radio inside one of the rooms upstairs. Jose hides out as Karen arrives and speaks to Moller. He’s searched the barn and doesn’t seem to have found anything. Spooked, Jose rushes back up the coast to the barn. Unfortunately, Moller blindsides her and grabs Kee-Ko, bundling it in a sack and taking off.

While this s going on, Liv takes Kasper aside and reveals that the islanders know about the woodland elf they’re keeping in the barn. She also tells him that these elves are what are being kept behind the fence and they’ve killed people in the past.

As the episode closes out, Jose watches as Kee-Ko is taken out into the woods. However, what he didn’t bank on was Jose sneaking on the other side of the fence after him. Alone, she heads into the woods.

The Episode Review

The tension is just starting to increase now as Jose and Kasper learn about the elves and their place on this island. However, we still don’t know their origin nor exactly how they live and how this has been kept a secret for so long. Then again, it’s early days so that could change going forward.

However, the series does have an intriguing hook and Josefine is undoubtedly a likable character that’s easy to root for. The ending hints that we’re about to get a chapter that’s centered around her, possibly with her venturing deeper into the woods ad learning more about the elves. We shall see. Hopefully Elves makes the most of its limited run-time though.

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