Elves – Season 1 Episode 1 “Aarmand Island” Recap & Review

Aarmand Island

Episode 1 of Elves begins with a cow being led out into the woods. It’s reluctant, unwilling to go further, but it’s tied to a tree as a sacrifice. Strange, snarling creatures come rushing up and maul it to pieces off-screen.

It’s Christmas time and we begin the series with a girl called Josefine. She’s not exactly thrilled about the prospect of a Christmas break, as she heads off with her family to the remote island of Armandso.

Deciding against taking the coastal roads, the family head through the woods. Unfortunately they hit something, with strange black goo attached to the front bumper. Whatever it is, one of the locals (later revealed to be a guy called Moller) warns them away, especially when Josefine starts wandering off. This same strange goo happens to be in the woods too.

The family make it to their vacation home but Josefine continues to wonder just what was behind the fence on the road. While Jose receives a frosty reception from her family, they too get a taste of their own medicine in town. One of the islanders, Karen, implores them to stay on the coastal road next time and to be vigilant. These guys certainly don’t take kindly to foreigners.

These warnings don’t stop Josefine though, who sneaks out in the middle of the night. Grabbing her bike, she heads back along the road and decides to check out what may be being hidden in the woods.

Well, she finds a strange creature in desperate need of help. Josefine wraps it up in a cloth and takes off with the creature cradled in her arms. An ominous roar sounds in the distance as she takes off.

The Episode Review

Elves gets off to a pretty good start, albeit one that’s about as cliche as you could get for this genre. The perfect family (Dad, Mum, older brother, younger sister) set out to a secluded, isolated area away from home comforts and find horrors lurking before them. However, the show has a good atmosphere, partly thanks to its Christmas theme, but it’s also not particularly scary. At least not yet anyway. Let’s wait and see what the rest of the show brings.

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