Elsbeth – Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Fitting Finale

Episode 10 of Elsbeth Season 1  starts at a fashion show. The show has drawn many famous people out as they come to celebrate Nadine Clay on her last runaway. She is a famous model, ready to retire and will be doing her final catwalk on her soon-to-be exhusband’s fashion show.

Another famous designer, Matteo, argues it is only proof that love is complicated. At the same time, a photographer makes his way to the show only to be shot just when Nadine makes her presence on the catwalk. Once his dead body is spotted, the police are called in, and Kaya invites Elsbeth. 

Who killed the photographer?

It takes a while for Elsbeth to figure out this case. Following her fallout with Captain Wagner, she has been off her mojo. She is too distracted by the fact that  Captain Wagner wants her gone. She worries her life in New York is over and has a hard time concentrating on the case.

Nonetheless, she hangs out with Nadine and Matteo to figure out details about the photographer, Ezra. She even becomes Matteo’s new muse for his upcoming fashion show.

It turns out Ezra, Nick, and Nadine went to the same fashion college and studied under Matteo. Throughout the case, Nadine comes up as the main suspect, given her odd behaviour. There is also the fact that Ezra was blackmailing Nick and Nandini over some scandalous photos they took years ago.

The photos link the trio to the misappropriation of different cultures, and if they were to come out, Nandini could kiss her new cosmetic company goodbye, and Nick would lose his legacy as a one-of-a-kind designer.

At the same time, the police learn that Ezra was bankrupt and had many debts. They start looking into several credit collectors who were pressuring Ezra to pay his debts. Ultimately, it is discovered that  Matteo killed Ezra.

A few months before Ezra dies, Matteo welcomed Ezra into his house to allow him a chance to get on his feet. One fateful night, Matteo walked in on Ezra being shaken down by a debt collector. Matteo accidentally killed the man, and together with Ezra, they buried the debt collector in the backyard.

Soon after, Matteo discovered Ezra was blackmailing his other former students. Out of concern for Nandini and Nick, Matteo decided to kill Ezra.

Does Captain Wagner forgive Elsbeth?

It takes a while for  Captain Wagner to forgive Elsbeth. Kaya tries to help him get past his feelings of betrayal. She points out that Elsbeth was only doing her job, and she helped him clear his name and catch the real culprit. Captain Wagner meets with  Celetano and clears the air regarding Elsbeth’s job as the consent decree.

After getting an assurance from Celetano that the investigation is over. Captain Wagner also talks to Elsbeth, who apologises but also clarifies she had no option. After mulling over it for a few days, Captain Wagner welcomes Elsbeth to the team and gives her a better office. He also promises to fast-track Kaya’s promotion to detective soon.

How does Elsbeth Season 1 end?

The show ends with Kaya and Elsbeth celebrating. Elsbeth takes her dog on a walk and is happy to be in New York.

The Episode Review

This episode answered the pending question of Elsbeth’s fate in New York. For a moment, we were worried that Captain Wagner would send her away. Thankfully, the matter was amicably solved, and we get to see Kaya and Elsbeth in the next season. Sassoon 1 comes to a predictable end, but it is still satisfying.

This episode was also referring because we didn’t know the culprit from the get go. We were able to put the pieces together as the show went on. I hope they can adopt this new episode structure in the new season. It is no fun when we learn the how and who of a crime two minutes into a show!

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