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I’m Gonna End This Forever

[trigger warning – suicide attempt]

Episode 8 of Elite season 7 titled “I’m Gonna End This Forever” begins with the cops finding a body and ruling it a suicide. Meanwhile, Nico and his parents panic as Eric goes missing. When he comes home stoned, Nico lashes out at him and kicks him out.

Isa is angry at Didac and he tells her about Luis and the investigation. They all converge at the police station and Luis says he went undercover after the shooting. Isa is still angry and says she won’t betray those she loves.

Why does Sara sleep with Raul?

Sara watches while Chloe and Raul engage in PDA in the hall. Jessica thinks that Sara is jealous. She adds that Raul knows Sara is addicted to him and he enjoys it. And he will keep toying with her because he will never let her leave him. Jessica tells her that the only way to get her freedom is to transfer to another school.

Meanwhile, Carmen texts Chloe who tries to respond. But Raul blocks Carmen’s contact and says it is for Chloe’s own good. Sara observes it all and then texts him to follow her. Of course he does and they have sex in the bathroom. However, she secretly records him. 

Meanwhile, Carmen gets Ivan’s money and texts Chloe for a do-over but sees she is blocked. Sara shows up and warns her about Raul. She reveals that he used to isolate her, invalidate her and then abuse her. He is a master manipulator and even someone independent and headstrong like Chloe can be trapped. Sara then sends the sex tape to Chloe.

What happens to Eric?

Nico and Didac catch up but the former feels bad for abandoning Eric. Elsewhere, Eric leaves and tries to call Nico but doesn’t. He starts panicking as he thinks everyone hates him. He ends up in the squat house and cries. He goes up the roof and texts on the self-help app that he wants to talk before he kills himself. Sonia responds.

Why does Isa change her mind about the investigation?

Unable to forget about her mother’s corruption, Rocio tries to talk to Isa. Isa doesn’t want to hear it as she says ignorance is bliss and it is best to forget their loved ones’ wrongdoings. But a stoic Rocio says that those who do bad things should pay, regardless of who they are which troubles Isa.

Isa tells her parents about Luis’ investigation. However, they already know and don’t care as the cops don’t have evidence. Isa realises that the shooting and Amazona’s death are all their doing to get the upper hand in the war with Didac’s family. She calls Duran to give the trafficking documents back to her and Martin is furious. Roberta sympathises with Isa and says this is why she wanted to keep her daughter away from their messy business.

Meanwhile, Rocio tries to talk to Duran who doesn’t say anything. At the same time that Isa plans their meeting, Martin discreetly messages Duran and tells her the meeting place has changed to the building’s rooftop. Rocio insists on tagging along and Duran gives in.

What happens between Ivan and Joel?

Joel looks troubled and Ivan asks him to go with him to South Africa. He tells Joel to enjoy the good moments as he deserves it. Joel goes home and texts Omar that he needs advice from him and Dalmar.

Omar shows up and says that if Joel loves Ivan, he should go. However, Dalmar is indignant and tells Joel to stop letting men dictate his life. He advises that Joel should stay, and live his life and when Ivan comes back they can resume their relationship. This confuses Joel.

Does Raul lose control around Chloe?

Chloe sees that Ivan’s stuff is packed but Raul distracts her. At that moment, Sara sends the sex tape and an angry Chloe slaps him and tries to leave. He stops her from calling her mother, throws her phone and slaps her. Carmen arrives and refuses to leave till they open the door. Raul tells Chloe to play it cool or he will lose it. Scared, Chloe pretends to be alright but Carmen notices her face and the phone on the floor.

As Ivan comes home to take his stuff to the airport, Carmen tells Chloe to leave with him. She then tells Raul to have a drink with her on the rooftop.

What is Isa’s plan?

For the meeting, Isa tells Roberta not to come and then tells Martin that her mother is not coming because she doesn’t trust Isa. As Isa waits for Duran to show up, Martin tells her that he lied to her. He puts her down by saying Roberta was right and that Isa cannot handle their business. Since his work with Duran is already done, they don’t need her anymore. 

At that moment, Duran texts Isa that she has reached the rooftop. A worried Isa sends Duran’s location to someone. She then tells her father that he is right and that she should prioritise the business and not falter on her decisions. He looks troubled and tells her to give Duran’s documents to him. She says she has given it to the cops and reveals that she has a mic. The cops having heard everything, arrest Martin and race to Duran’s location.

Is Nico able to help Eric?

Sonia panics as she tries to comfort Eric. He says the person he loves gave up on him and she realises it is Eric as she recalls Nico and Didac’s conversation. She goes and tells Nico. 

Nico arrives at the rooftop of the squatter house and tries to stop Eric. He says he was actually angry at himself as he did not know how to help. He comforts Eric, saying that without him, Nico wouldn’t be where he is. He says Eric would leave a huge void if he left him. He asks him to go back home and they hug.

Does Joel go with Ivan to South Africa?

Ivan texts Joel, asking where he is as his cab arrives. Chloe tries to talk to him but he ignores her. Joel shows up with his bag but on seeing Ivan’s texts he looks confused.

At home, Dalmar looks worried and Omar wonders about him. In the end, a sad Joel returns home and they hug him. He is hurting but they are glad he did what he wanted to do. Joel asks Omar to stay but he says it is for the best if he doesn’t. Omar then goes back to therapy.

Does Martin kill Judge Duran and her daughter, Rocio?

Duran is waiting alone on the rooftop and on guessing that something is wrong, Rocio joins her. Duran tries to get her to leave but Martin’s thugs arrive with with guns. They separate mother and daughter and take them to the edge of the roof. At that moment, the cops arrive and arrest the men. They also arrest Duran for her corruption and Rocio looks sad.

Who dies in the Elite season 7 finale?

On the rooftop, Carmen confronts Raul for hitting Chloe. He comes up with excuses and she keeps goading him. She hits and pushes him, asking him what happened between him and Chloe. He snaps and chokes her. She asks for ice for the whiskey and he is confused.

He lets her go and scoffs at how she is crazy. She asks him what he should do when a woman asks for ice with her drink. While he is distracted by her line of thought, she pushes him off the roof and says he should go down and get some ice then. As she looks down the roof, she sees a dead Raul.

How does Elite season 7 end?

Nico brings Eric home and his parents hug him. Roberta is shocked at the developments and Isa pretends she has no idea how or why Martin got arrested. At school, Didac looks expectantly at her but she tells him to stay away.

Chloe is shocked while Carmen looks scared as the cops show up to get Raul’s body. The cops then interrogate the mother and daughter. Carmen says Raul was troubled and an abuser but Chloe was with her the whole time.

In a flashback at the end of Elite season 7 episode 8, we see that Dalmar is standing near the building when Raul is killed. He takes a video which shows Carmen looking from the rooftop after Raul’s fall. He looks at the video and looks scared.

The Episode Review

How funny is it that the Elite season 7 finale is what finally makes it feel like we are watching the Spanish Netflix Original that we all fell in love with back in 2018? Only took 7 episodes for the OG mystery format to make a comeback, huh?

Knew the writers would take it easy and then have to cram everything in the ending. At least, this means we get one level-headed character next season aka Dalmar. However, it was pretty badass the way Carmen killed Raul.

By the way, the tension in Elite season 7 episode 8 is everything. First, we have five different characters on the rooftop, and while we are almost convinced that the dead body is Raul’s in the beginning, Rocio’s presence throws us off. Thankfully, he got what was coming to him.

However, this is far from a perfect finale. Why did Carmen think that telling the cops that Raul was an abuser would not make them suspect her or Chloe? Didac and Rocio are relegated to the background which isn’t fair as they are supposedly not returning next season. So is Anitta which makes us wonder why they wasted her on a character like Jessica. Please bring Ivan back, he was the only one who was bearable this season. Can’t have him cutting ties with Carmen and Chloe just like that, come on!

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