Elite – Season 6 Episode 3 “Naked” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Elite season 6 starts with Isa showing off her incriminating audio footage Didac has captured to her lawyers. Unfortunately, it’s not good news.

Given it was captured illegally, the confession can’t be used in court. They’re going to have to find another way to get the kids to ‘fess up. Isa is not happy and storms off.

Didac follows Isa and decides to try and help her, determined to prove that he has her best interests at heart and wants to try and do right. Isa is silent, eventually slamming her door shut – but leaving a “no room service today please” sign on her door-handle for good measure!

Following Cruz’s brave press conference, Ivan shows his father a new tattoo he’s got, with the number 9 on his hip. While they get along well, Sara is struggling at school. That video she initially uploaded has been deleted, off the back of her argument with Raul, and it throws Ari into a confused state, determined to find out the truth.

Questioning Sara outright doesn’t help much, although her shifty attitude sparks Mencia to confront her and see through this facade, telling Sara that deep down she knows that she’s seen the light and supports Isa. Unfortunately, when Sara receives a call from Raul, her demeanour immediately shifts and she leaves quite hastily. In fact, Mencia follows and manages to convince Raul to let Sara out for the night to hang at Isa’s club.

Cruz’s good mood is shattered when he receives an unwelcome gift at the front door. Someone has strung up a mannequin from the roof with the word “Queer” on the front. It’s a horrible threat but Cruz tells Patrick (who ends up seeing it too) to keep it quiet from Ivan so as not to worry him.

Isa’s friends rally around her that night, deciding to smoke weed and enjoy each other’s company. Along with weed there’s also drinks, served to the room by Bilal, who’s a little uneasy at the prospect of Isa telling him to stop working and join them. Eventually he does so though.

Bilal speaks to Ari, observing how much alcohol they all drink in Spain. Ari immediately teases his demeanour, claiming he’s trying to hit on her. When everyone strips down and starts dancing, Nico notices Ari staring at Bilal’s junk through his underwear and gets jealous, eventually getting dressed and leaving.

Ari follows and Nico admits that her being there is pissing him off. Nico wants Ari to leave him alone, and arrived as a way of getting away from her. He admits he’s fallen for her but given she’s a transphobe, he finds himself conflicted. The pair end up fighting, airing out their issues, before Ari rushes over to Bilal and starts kissing him, leading to so much more.

Meanwhile, Mencia notices a bruise on Sara’s arm, right where no one is likely to see it. She shrugs it off as if she banged it on a table but it seems there’s more going on here. As Sara and Mencia dance, Raul suddenly comes bursting in, angry at his girlfriend. Sara quickly grabs her stuff and leaves, but it immediately sours the mood in the room, as Mencia admits she’s not happy with the way he spoke to her.

With the VIP party a bit of a bust, everything kicks off on the dancefloor. Ivan fights with Javi, Patrick and Cruz get involved, while random punters end up filming the big fight. When they leave, Isa puts her big plan into action, determined to get her own back on the rapists. She’s going to spike their drinks, which they do in full view of everyone I may add.

The next day, the boys can’t remember anything but their backs are burning. Someone has written “rapist” across the top in massive capital letters. As cameras once more come out and begin filming them, we cut to a scene outside, with Isa walking purposefully toward her car.

The Episode Review

So the plot thickens, with more soapy drama, romance and issues abound. It seems clear now that Sara is being abused by Raul, given that horrible bruise, while Isa is dead-set on getting her revenge against the boys regardless of how far over the line she steps.

The whole Cruz situation is also starting to spiral and it could well be that one of Cruz’s big supporters was the one who ran over Ivan as a way of getting back at him. Or it could just be an accident altogether – we’ll have to wait and see!

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