Elite – Season 6 Episode 2 “Selfies” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Elite season 6 starts with Nico’s parents worrying about their child. At the same time, we flash to Ari driving a car near the club. Could she have been the one to hit Ivan? Or is this a red herring?

For now though, we’re back in the present with Ari continuing to try her luck with Nico, catching up with him after football practice to try and bag a date. It works too, and the pair go for dinner together.

Las Encinas is on edge the next day, as the boys who raped Isa are there, corroborating their story together and making it seem like Isadora made the whole thing up. Given Isa’s reputation for being the center of attention, Sara sides with the boys.

There are also question marks around the Cruz kiss from the club too, which is trending online. Raul believes the whole thing was fabricated as some sort of deepfake, but others are convinced that this is what truly happened. Patrick decides to try and explain this and does a live video, saving Cruz’s reputation by incriminating himself and claiming that he was driven by Cruz’s fame.

After the video, Patrick calls Ivan and admits that he was right. Patrick didn’t believe in Ivan’s love and he’s ruined it now. However a silver lining here is that he at least helped make things a little better with Cruz. Patrick thanks Ivan for being his real first love.

In the aftermath of this, Cruz speaks to his son and admits that Patrick did all of this and took the fall specifically because he loves Ivan and doesn’t want to lose him. Ivan refuses to believe it, eventually telling Cruz that all he ever wanted was a good father who was there for him.

After being fired, Didac shows up at Isa’s club for a night out with Javi and Hugo. They claim they’re free men with nothing to hide, but Bilal is quick to point out the whole thing is cruel. Naturally, the chips are stacked against Isa, who makes the worst decision possible – going on Twitter. As we know, Twitter isn’t exactly the intellectual hub for rational, thought provoking debates, and Isa sees a number of comments telling her to kill herself.

At the club, Didac speaks to Javi in the toilets, asking if Isa is a “screamer”. When Javi nonchalantly points out she was passed out and couldn’t even stand up, Javi essentially incriminates himself.

Didac happens to have recorded the whole thing and shows Isa, apologizing for not believing her. He’s going to send her over the audio and help her get justice.

Ari and Nico end up heading back to their room after a good night but unfortunately Ari ruins everything when she hesitates taking Nico’s boxers off. He hurriedly grabs his clothes and leaves, bemoaning that she’s not as progressive after all.

Sara puts out a statement on social media, apologizing for getting the rape allegations wrong and jumping to conclusions. As a result, she loses 1.5 million followers, which annoys Raul, leading to a massive argument between the pair.

Cruz decides to make a bold decision and gives a press conference about the kiss, clarifying what actually happened that night. He tells the reporters that the video is real but he was the instigator, not Patrick.

The Episode Review

Following that bombshell revelation from Cruz, there’s likely to be big repercussions in the future. Likewise, there’s going to be repercussions for Javi and Hugo too, especially with Didac coming through with that audio evidence to use against them.

So far Elite has been an okay watch and although it’s nowhere near as good as the early seasons were, there’s enough soapy drama to keep things watchable all the same. Quite what will happen next is anyone’s guess, but thankfully we don’t ave to wait too long to find out.

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