Elite – Season 6 Episode 1 “Anxiety” Recap & Review


It’s been around half a year since Elite hit our screens and we’re back, with the next installment of this manically soapy murder mystery. Episode 1 of Elite Season 6 starts with Ivan struck by a car. It’s a hit and run, and the driver stops long enough to get out and take a look at the damage.

Meanwhile, Ari heads into prison to see her father, Benjamin, who’s still trying to explain his actions from last year. He’s desperate to get out and part of that includes the kids heading back to school and acting like everything is okay. “Assert yourself Ari,” He says, going on to mention how the lawyers have orders to cut her off for good if she doesn’t get back to normality.

It’s all change at Las Encinas though, as there’s a new headmaster now in Virginia. Instead of an authoritarian touch, she’s trying to make the place far more welcoming than it was. With none of Samuel’s crew lurking about, it allows Ivan and Patrick to openly kiss in the hallways.

Ari contemplates whether she’s romantically interested in Nico, while Isa’s new club (Isadora House) is about to have a grand opening. Naturally, flyers are handed out around her friends for the big party. Isa is done being on her own and she wants to try and move forward after the awful assault that occurred last season.

As the party gets underway, the place is abuzz with people, while Isa sets up a big announcement on the impressive projector screens to announce her own arrival, along with several other celebs including Cruz.

As she gets on the decks to begin DJing, Sara and Mencia have another frosty encounter, with the latter introduced to Raul. When Sara leaves, Raul points out that he knows she has eyes for his girlfriend and admits Sara is very pretty.

When Isa is kissed at the DJ booth, it brings back horrific memories from last season and she ends up heading into the bathroom for some air. Ivan follows and tries to help, but then Isa’s mother bursts in too and offers some pills to make her “a brand new woman in no time.”

Ari decides to make a move with Nico, encouraging him to get “plenty of practice” at being a heterosexual man. Nico takes offence to her attitude and calls her a transphobe monster, watching as she leaves the club.

Isa’s mother is completely nonchalant to the incriminating video doing the rounds from last year and decides to skip town and head back to Ibiza. She can’t even stay for one more night with her daughter. As Isa tries to connect, her mother tells her to change the energy, unhappy with the negative vibes of this conversation. Mother of the year right here, folks. Isa ends up hyperventilating, struggling with her anxiety, and eventually relapses, back to taking pills again.

Meanwhile, Raul encourages Mencia to head back over to their place, but when he shows up in his boisterous state, Sara isn’t exactly happy. Back at the party, it wouldn’t be a crazy night without Ivan’s dad taking too many drugs, and making a big scene. Things between Cruz and Ivan are still on rocky ground and it’s made worse by Patrick trying to talk to Cruz after.

In his drunken state, Cruz makes a move on Patrick, telling the boy they had chemistry together and attempting to kiss him. Just before he does, Ivan comes back into the room and sees the pair together. The ol’ misunderstanding trope rears its head and eventually Ivan leaves, unhappy with what’s happened.

Isadora is found overdosed on the floor, so Bilal thinks quickly and dumps her in an icy bath to wake her up. She’s not exactly grateful, telling the hired help not to say a word to anyone and to clear up the mess she’s left behind. When Bilal is ushered away, Didac is left alone with Isa. He calls her a spoilt princess and as things escalate, he eventually accuses her of fabricating the rape allegations, naturally getting himself fired.

As the episode closes out, a video of Cruz and Patrick together kissing at the club goes viral, while Didac leaves the club, having been fired, angry at what’s happened.

The Episode Review

The first episode of Elite gets us back to the school for the fallout over the events that transpired back in April. Isa is still reeling from the effects of her assault, and unfortunately she’s also started doing drugs again too, which isn’t going to go well.

Naturally, we’ve got a few new pairings to look into, while the misunderstanding trope rears up once more in the form of Cruz and Patrick’s kiss.

The subject of Ivan’s hit and run is gong to be the main crux of the mystery here and it’ll be interesting to see exactly how this has transpired. Who did knock him down? I’m sure we’ll find out in the upcoming episodes!

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