Elite – Season 5 Episode 5 “Please Tell The Truth” Recap & Review

Please Tell The Truth

Episode 5 of Elite Season 5 begins with police arriving down at the lake. A beautifully sinister orchestral score picks up as Omar and Samuel agree to keep their mouth shut about Armando’s death.

So much for keeping things discreet; Ivan and Ari come wandering out the woods and notice Armando lying on the ground. The police are there snapping photos but haven’t bothered to cover the corpse.

The party is over and with Mencia knowing Benjamin is keeping secrets, she too starts to have doubts about her father’s methods.

At school, a teary Ivan apologizes to Patrick for hurting him and despairs about his current situation. With his father’s career, the likelihood of him switching teams and moving across the country (or beyond) means Ivan has never really had a chance to settle down.

Patrick too has daddy issues and this discourse actually allows the pair to connect on a deeper level. Wanting to keep these good vibes going, the pair decide to skip class.

Back home, Cruz sees the pair drinking and decides they should all drink together, or, well “under his supervision”. Given Patrick and Cruz were kissing last episode, that’s obviously an awkward situation.

Patrick agrees to keep things quiet, as Cruz eventually succumbs to temptation and asks Patrick to come to his room that night. He refuses, naturally, and instead Ivan and Patrick hook up that night.

It’s a long, sensuous lovemaking scene, with the pair finally allowing their true feelings to explode in a passionate flurry of pent-up emotions.

Benjamin comes under fire from the inspector in the morning. He’s encouraged to cooperate with the ongoing investigation, but given what he’s hiding with his phone and the SIM cards, he’s obviously a little hesitant to do that.

Outside the office, he has Mencia hide his second phone. They’re not exactly discreet, and the inspector sees all of this transpire on camera.

Funnily enough, Felipe returns to town, much to the delight of Cayetana. He’s working with Omar moving boxes at the club. After work, the pair agree to a double date with Phillipe and Isadora. The latter  makes a massive scene and shows herself to be quite the wild child. She drinks way too much and in fact, it ends up with Caye taking her home.

Isadora is a mess and when she passes out on the sofa, Cayetana does the rounds and finds all her drugs stashed away. She lays them all out on the coffee table before her and the pair speak openly. Well, now that she’s sober enough to talk.

Isadora pushes Caye away, bemoaning her life and how she’s alone living in hotels all the time. As she leaves, Caye attempts to offer her some words of wisdom.

At school the next day, awkwardness ensues when Patrick finds himself caught in the middle of this weird love triangle. Cruz is there to talk to Benjamin and he’s disappointed in Patrick. “I waited for you.” He says. However, they’re moved aside by police showing up, on orders to investigate Benjamin’s office.

Mencia is spooked and as she scrambles through her locker, the investigator stands behind her. He wants to know what’s going on with Benjamin, noticing the second phone she’s stashed. Only, just before Mencia speaks up, Samuel bursts in and confesses to Armando’s murder.

However, just prior to this Benjamin actually offered him a deal – take the fall in exchange for having his entire life sorted for him, including the best lawyers to get him out of jail.

The Episode Review

So it’s now clear that Samuel most certainly isn’t the killer, which I guess is obvious given what we know about him and how he’s going to meet an untimely demise later on this season. However, it’s still interesting to see all these puzzle pieces fit together. After a rather tepid start this show is just starting to fire on all cylinders now.

And what about that sex scene between Ivan and Patrick eh? Good grief that was steamy! It had been coming for a while to be fair, with a lot of pent-up frustration between the two and finally we see that erupt in this intimate scene. However, it’s something that’s made all the more complicated by Cruz taking a fancy to Patrick too.

The rest of the relationships here are pretty run of the mill, although it’s good to see a little more regarding Isadora. Quite how she slots into the bigger picture though is unclear but it’s definitely something that promises more drama to come.

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