Elite – Season 5 Episode 1 “I Killed Him” Recap & Review

I Killed Him

Episode 1 of Elite Season 5 begins with Phillipe trying to make amends with Cayenne following what happened last season. Suddenly, all the lights shut of as a video starts playing. It’s Elodie and she reveals that Philippe has made a mistake about something and he’s hiding the truth…. that Phillipe raped her.

If that wasn’t enough, we cut to the police station, where Samuel confesses to murder. For real this time it seems, as we see a body floating face-down in the swimming pool.

Another school year gets underway so with that, we cut back in time to the moments just after the Elodie video. There are strict rules this year; phones stored away in lockers and forced physical distance between students.

Following Elodie’s video, Phillipe has become public enemy number 1. In fact, someone even puts a tag with scissors on in his bag, a note reading he should castrate himself. Phillipe has been cleared of all charges in the past and Benjamin eventually takes to the airwaves, telling the school that his treatment is unacceptable.

Phillipe wants Caye’s help regarding “the thing involving Elodie” and wants to try and put an end to this. If they can stand united, with Cayetana sticking up for him and giving a character assessment, it could alleviate some of the heat against him. Interestingly, Phillipe does have a supporter in the form of a new girl at school, Isadora.

There’s also tension with Patrick too, who finds himself having a big fight with his father after school. So naturally he takes out his frustrations with Omar, as the pair make love that afternoon. Ander is the other side of the world right now, and he’s not replying to Omar’s messages.

Patrick also starts to grow closer to Ivan, another new character this year. He claims he’s not gay but given he strips off in front of Patrick and the pair flirt lightly in the shower and the locker room, I care to disagree there!

Ivan has a difficult home life, partly thanks to his dad, Cruz, partying all the time. After school, the pair head over to Ivan’s pad but as they get undressed and mess about, Patrick winds up sexually frustrated and decides to masturbate in the bathroom while Ivan is asleep. Cruz walks in on him though and encourages Patrick to carry on, giving the ol’ two thumbs up treatment. How embarrassing!

At school, Mencia admits to the arriving inspector that she’s a victim of assault. It’s all too much for Benjamin. given what’s recently happened with Ari, as his world comes crashing down around him. He blames himself for not keeping a closer eye on Armando, as Samuel promise Benjamin in confidence that Armando is never coming back.

Caye takes to the TV screens, off the back of Isadora’s suggestion, and stands by Phillipe’s side. She doesn’t want him kicked out of school.

And as we jump forward one more time to the inspector and Samu’s interview, he admits to killing someone.

The Episode Review

There are some shows that have outstayed their welcome on various streaming platforms and unfortunately Elite is one of them. It’s not a bad show per-se but it’s also a series that seems to be spinning its wheels right now, rehashing the same mystery vibes but with a less stable and interesting ensemble to work with. This show should have ended after season 3.

It’s still early days and there’s plenty of time for that to change but right now season 5 feels like a shadow of its former self. The first episode sets the scene to come, with confessions from the past, plenty of drama and lots of question marks hanging over different characters – especially Samu. Has he actually killed someone this time or is that all a big ruse again? We’ll have to wait and see!

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