Elite – Season 4 Episode 8 “Before I Go Part 2” (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Before I Go Part 2

Episode 8 of Elite Season 4 picks up right where we left off last episode. Guzman and Samuel comes to blows, leading the former to tell Ari to go to hell and walk away. As Ari starts sobbing it’s hard to work out exactly what she thought their reaction would be to her bombshell reveal.

Ander decides to quit school midway through the year. He’s optimistic about his future though and believes this is for the best. However, he receives a message from Omar; one final hand to try and salvage this relationship. Omar asks Ander to stay with him… resulting in the two kissing! Yes, get in! Although it’s elation for us as viewers, it’s disaster for Patrick who’s overcome with jealousy.

At school, Rebe tries to get through to Mencia by talking to Ari. She spills the truth about what Mencia has been doing, in the hopes that she can help. Rebe knows this could result in her losing Mencia forever but spills the truth nonetheless. When Ari quizzes whether to tell Benjamin or not, Rebe pleads with her not to, knowing this would completely break her.

Phillippe apologizes to Cayetana. However, sorry isn’t going to cut it, especially after his behaviour last episode. As Cayetana walks away, Benjamin watches this take place on the cameras.

It actually takes Phillippe’s Mother getting involved to change her mind. She asks Cayetana to show up at the party and claims Phillippe really does care about her. Cayetana takes her up on thee invitation… but completely blows them both off on the night and claims Phillippe needs an education. His Mother is seething but eventually leaves her son to his own devices.

This New Year’s Eve party kicks off and Ari immediately wallows in self pity and drinks. Samuel speaks his piece to her, telling Ari that he knows she loves Guzman and implores her to forget about him. Guzman sees them from afar and immediately suspects the worst.

it’s 11.50pm and 10 minutes until the New Year. Mencia is called away by Armando but she tries in vain to wriggle free from his vice-like grip.

Patrick hooks up with a random guy while Ari sends her message…and finds herself face to face with Rebe out on the balcony. As the two talk, Rebe is distracted by Armando down by the pier with Mencia.

Rebe saves the girl from a nasty fate, pushing the man away and promising to always be by Mencia’s side. Ari heads outside too, but Armando immediately confronts her, striking the girl in the face.

As the hands strike midnight, Samuel and Guzman come to blows and fight with each other. As they trade blows and fight over Ari, outside Ari is in a fight of her own. This one is for her life, as she’s beaten down by Armando.

Guzman hurries outside in the aftermath and notices Ari beaten down. He also notices Armando there, scurrying away. Guzman takes chases, desperate to teach him a lesson. Ari passes out on the docks and ends up face-down in the water.

Guzman eventually grabs a flare and shoots Armando in the spine. Dropping the gun to the ground, he hurries off in shock, desperate to find Ari. Only, when he gets there she’s in the water and obscured from his vision. Unsure what else to do after confiding with his friends, Guzman decides to call the police.

This then catches us up as all the pieces start to align. Ari is still alive, found down by the docks and taken into hospital. Samu and Rebe decide to do what they can to keep him safe.

Guzman lies and tells Ari that Armano knocked him out. He keeps the flare gun incident a secret but concedes the chase. He knows that Ari’s real love is Samuel and apologizes for what’s happened between them.

We then curt forward slightly. Ander and Omar say their goodbyes while Samuel and Guzman patch up their differences after being at logger-heads all season long. Guzman tells Rebe not to say anything about what they’ve hidden that night.

Ander and Guzman do eventually leave though, as we cut forward in time slightly. Mencia shows up to see her sister, where there’s been no news surrounding Armando for the time being. Mencia has turned a corner and blames herself for everything that’s happened. Ari comforts her though, as she’s finally ready to open up and tell the family everything. Patrick and Benjamin obviously don’t take it well.

So what happened to Armando? Well, Guzman, Rebe and Samuel carried him together and dumped the body in the water. Someone is going to find him though surely, right?

The Episode Review

Elite bows out its fourth season with a satisfying conclusion that rounds out all of our big plot points while leaving enough on the table for the fifth and final season to come.

Elite has been a wild ride over the years and this season has been a bit of a turbulent ride in truth. Although to be fair, the mystery has been one of the more endearing parts of this season.

For most of these 8 chapters it has felt like the stories have been running parallel and disparate from one another but the ending brings everything together in the best possible way. This is especially true when it comes to Mencia and Ari crossing paths.

It seems likely that Armando is going to be found, especially given how high profile this guy is. We know he’s an alumni and undoubtedly a big deal which means there’s going too be a big hunt for him. It won’t take long before things escalate – can our characters handle the heat coming their way?

Either way, Elite has been an enthralling watch and the finale makes good at the end. Roll on season 5!

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