Elite – Season 4 Episode 7 “Before I Go Part 1” Recap & Review

Before I Go Part 1

Episode 7 of Elite Season 4 begins with a pretty horrific cover of “I Believe in miracles” while Ari has sex with Samuel. After, he starts to ironically question his part in all this, especially with Guzman and her together.

In the future timeline we cut forward to see Samuel questioned by police. Samu promises he didn’t kill Ari but it seems like he knows who actually did it.

This drives the rest of the episode forward, especially when Guzman and Samu have an awkward encounter at school the next day. Eventually it ends up with Guzman learning something happened between Samu and Ari that night.

Omar and Patrick end up connecting over Ander’s betrayal. However, Ander watches from the window and sees them together, experiencing those same bitter pangs of jealousy.

Speaking of watching, Phillippe’s mother arrives at the school and exhibits her displeasure in her son getting cozy with Cayetana. When she learns the girl is a cleaner, it only riles her up further. She eventually confronts Phillippe about it, calling Cayetana his “peasant girl”. Phillippe is not happy, but eventually manages to convince Cayetana (and his own Mother) to join him that evening.

Back at Benjamin’s, things take a turn for the unexpected when Armando appears. Mencia looks like she’s seen a ghost as Benjamin introduces him as Almuni president and a former student at the school. He’s just made an annual donation, meaning he’ll be involved a lot more now.

Benjamin senses something is up with Mencia but for now she remains guarded, keeping her cards close to her chest. Benjamin tries to connect with her though, reassuring her that if there’s a problem he can help. Unfortunately Armando is well prepared for this and bites back, telling Mencia via message that she belongs to him.

That evening, Cayetana and Mencia both find themselves caught in a difficult position. For Mencia, it comes from being forced to engage in sexual favours with Armando after being blackmailed. Despite Rebe’s insistence when she shows up, Mencia has no choice. She brushes past her and heads in to Armando’s hotel room.

Cayetana meanwhile, meets a famous fashion designer but he wants to take the party up to his room. She decides against it though, choosing the more honorable solution rather than sleeping her way to the top. Ari sees this rejection take place too.

The next day, Phillippe sends invites to everyone in school for his New Years party. Ari speaks to Cayetana and decides to let her design a dress for her. She’s definitely up to something but quite what, remains a mystery.

Later that evening, Patrick heads over to see Ander. He’s actually “butt-dialed” Omar though, and he’s listening to this whole conversation. Ander spills the truth about his feelings for Omar and how he’s always loved him. Ander tells Patrick not to hurt Omar, which immediately causes him to rile in shock.

Ari’s warning finally comes to light that evening when things get hot and heavy between Cayetana and Phillippe. She tells him to stop numerous times, and eventually wriggles free of his chokehold and leaves the limo. She walks away in shock, unwilling to believe what she’s just witnessed.

Elsewhere, Samuel shows up at the bar with Guzman and Ari. With everyone together, Ari spills the truth about seeing Samuel behind his back. In front of Guzman, Ari claims that she’s fallen in love with Samuel but she’s also in love with Guzman too.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of Elite ends with a suitably ominous cliffhanger ready for the final part to come. It seems like Omar and Ander may actually get back together off the back of that confession too, while Ari’s situation with Samuel and Guzman finally blows over.

This love triangle has been simmering all season long and here it finally explodes with the messy truth out for all to see. Ari has been playing both of these men against one another and now it’s plain to see that she wants both of them.

Something big is going to happen in the finale, especially with Ari’s attack on the horizon, but it’s still unknown who was responsible for this. Either way, everything is poised nicely for this situation to explode into messy, messy melodrama. Bring it on!

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