Elite – Season 4 Episode 6 “I Love You All Wrong” Recap & Review

I Love You All Wrong

Episode 6 of Elite Season 4 asks one simple question with our present day timeline. Where was Patrick the night of Ari’s death?

Back in the present, Samuel and Ari continue to work on their debates, flirting in their free time with one another – especially when Ari catches him in the shower.

Elsewhere, Omar continues to wallow in self pity after the situation with Ander. The secrets continue to grow though when Mencia uses the phone Armando has given her and starts flirting and texting him in private.

Guzman starts to act self consciously as he sees Samuel and Ari talking in the corridor. He suggests they meet at the Lake House that night.

Among those looking to set up a date is Phillippe who tries to encourage Cayetana to join him. However, she refuses to do so and calls him selfish instead. This causes even more drama when Benjamin corners him, claiming that he’s responsible for saving the boy from his past and gave him a second chance.

With Omar struggling and Benjamin dead-set on getting rid of him, Omar decides to quit school and leave. The memories of Ander are just too painful and he starts sobbing. Ander comforts him though and tries to talk him out of doing this.

That evening, Mencia’s double life comes to a head when Rebe shows up at the club. Armando agrees to help patch things up though, encouraging them to get a room together.

At dinner, things grow tense. Guzman tries to encourage Benjamin to lay off Mencia a little. He think he should give her some breathing room and let her make her own mistakes. This seems to win him mover too, especially given the emotion he shows while debating this. This sees Ari start to grow closer to Guzman, kissing him that night. When Samuel notices, everything becomes awkward and Guzman eventually leaves.

In the morning, Rebe and Mencia find two tickets for Ambar Lucid – and a tray with breakfast on too. This is presumably Armando’s doing. Also that morning, Phillippe wallows in the bitter taste of betrayal as Patrick stands him up. Still reeling over Cayetana’s words, he tries to work out who his friends are.

Taking Guzman’s advice, Benjamin tries to lighten up on Mencia and encourages her to sleep at home with Rebe. It’s a nice try but it’ll take more than that to win her over, as Mencia turns and walks away.

The party gets underway that night and tensions inevitably continue to swell. Ari and Samuel flirt at the bar while Philippe hangs out alone. Cayetana meanwhile decides to keep working through all of this. It’s clear Phillippe misses her though.

Ambar starts singing, compete with angelic wings to go with her voice. The opposite of that is devilish Armando who tries to have his way with Mencia on the dancefloor. Understandably, she pulls away and tells him to stop.

Patrick gets a taste of his own medicine at the party too, when Ander starts kissing another man. Patrick loses control, knocking Ari to the ground and cutting her lip open in the process. Omar is at the bar and feels the exact same anguish, as Ander continues to fly off the handle.

After-hours, Ari cheats on Guzman with Samuel. This single action cuts us forward in time as we see Guzman sporting bruised and raw-red knuckles. Patrick confronts him though, asking just who he’s hit. A fight broke out that night but with who?

The Episode Review

With a two part finale up next, Elite Season 4 has been an intriguing mystery centered around one of the least likable new characters. Maybe it’s just me but I’m just not vibing with Ari. She’s playing both guys like fools and intentionally stirring up trouble with everyone she sees. The constant jabs toward her class and claiming she’s better than others doesn’t help either.

It’s a shame because there’s obviously a softer side to her but given she’s the one who this whole mystery is about, it’s just not as compelling as it could have been.

Having said that, that actual circumstances around what happened that night at the party is intriguing and enough to stick with for the time being.

Quite how this one will end remains to be seen but the finale is definitely shaping up to be an intriguing one!

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