Elite – Season 4 Episode 1 “The New Order” Recap & Review

The New Order

Episode 1 of Elite Season 4 begins with fireworks screaming overhead. We’re at the Lakehouse as Guzman is questioned by the police. A body floats in the water as Guzman is told everything will be okay. Phew boy, here we go again!

We then cut back in time. We’re at Las Encinas for a new school year. There’s big changes afoot though, with a new Principal and new students too. Azacena has been fired and there’s a new motto for the school. “Discipline, Excellence and Achievement”

Guzman meets new student Ari, who just so happens to be the Principal’s daughter. While they get off to a frosty start, Ander and Omar meet Patrick, the new guy in school. He immediately stirs up trouble in class, accursing Ander of checking him out in the shower.

The third newcomer is Mencia, who finds herself at odds with Rebe although there’s definite chemistry there.

It turns out Ari, Mencia and Patrick are all closely aligned and they make no mistake about it when they rock up to school together. The rest of the class sit in defiance outside as a form of protest. Mencia joins them to show she’s on their side. But is she really?

Well Rebe seems to think so. After an evening of hanging out and drinking, the two wind up kissing. This causes friction back at home, which is only exacerbated by this upcoming exam looming on the horizon.

Each of our characters do their best to try and overcome this obstacle, with Ander contemplating meeting Patrick at the gay bar while Guzman sweet talks Ari.

That evening everything comes crashing down. Ander meet Patrick at the gay bar but changes his mind when the latter tries it on with him. Samuel tries talking to Benjamin but gets fired from his job in the process. Finally, Mencia gets stood up by Rebe and meets a random guy at the bar called Armando. The two inevitably sleep together but when she awakens, finds money left for her on the table.

At school the next day, Patrick hands over the answer sheet to Omar. He’s immediately suspicious of Ander though, believing more than dancing happened at the club. The seeds of doubt have been planted.

Samuel passes his test, and also gets rehired at the bar too. Benjamin tells him to stop fighting other people’s battles though and to focus on himself. Omar gets 97 but Benjamin is suspicious of his high marks.

As we cut forward in time once more, the girl in the pool is revealed to be Ari and she’s survived her watery ordeal.

The Episode Review

Welcome back Elite! This super soapy Spanish thriller returns for its fourth season and doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon.

We’ve got three new students and a principal, along with plenty of ensuing drama and relationships simmering away in the background. What happened to Ari? Already there’s fingers pointed at Guzman but surely that’s too obvious?

However, the seeds of doubt have already been planted with various different characters too, leading to an intriguing dynamic at play within our group.

Omar’s cheating on the exam seems like it could come back to bite him while Ari is shaping up to be a real wildcard this season. With plenty more episodes to go, Elite leaves everything wide open for the season ahead.

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