Elite – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Graduation Day

Episode 7 of Elite Season 3 sees news of Rebeca’s drug dealing get out, along with rumours that Polo could have been the one who revealed this to the teachers. As Rebeca and Valeria await their fate, Nadia and Omar walk together and discuss what comes next for them. Inside, Nadia speaks to Malick about New York and he mentions that Omar was just a hook-up.

Azucena comes to a decision and after meeting Polo’s Mum, ends up expelling Samuel, Guzman, Valerio and Rebeca. Samuel bolts from the room and immediately looks set to square up to Polo but he’s held back before he can do anything rash.

At school, Rebeca confronts Polo about the drug dealing incident and admits that it was he who sold the drugs to Carla. Polo immediately looks guilty, and as Valerio walks off he runs into Carla who regrets what happened that night.

In the aftermath of the expulsion, Guzman keeps a level-head as he packs up his things and admits that they deserve to be expelled given how they treated Samuel. He then goes on to tell Lu that after graduation they’re going to have a great time, reassuring her.

Meanwhile, Ander and Azucena share a cigarette together as she admits how hard her job is. Ander tells her he won’t waste his remaining time studying and decides to throw his career away, admitting she needs to be ready if the worst does occur.

Samuel contemplates what to do after receiving a call from his lawyer about Nano potentially being freed. As he does, Rebeca returns home and sees her Mother has been released from prison and they embrace. Rebeca tells her Mother she’s been expelled but her reaction is one of indifference.

After the incident earlier on, Guzman confronts Ander and pleads with him not to isolate himself. As Ander breaks down and starts crying, he sobs in Guzman’s arms.

As we soon find out, Polo’s Mum was definitely the reason the group were expelled. As Polo deals with this bombshell, Carla returns to Yeray and apologises for what happened between them. As they talk, properly, the facade of accessories and expensive lifestyle choices come tumbling down and they discuss how they both feel. It’s the most honest conversation they’ve had together and it ends with a really touching hug.

At school, Omar greets his Mother while he and his Father try to patch things up. At the same time, Lu’s parents arrive and make a big scene, leading her to hurry away. Polo speaks to Cayetana and tells her their relationship doesn’t work, going on to break up with her given she’s not in love with him.

The ceremony begins and Nadia and Lu talk backstage about what to do next. Thy dedicate their award to the students in their group at the back. They mention how they should be jumping for joy but they’re not, going on to mention how they deserve the award but thanks to injustices they can’t enjoy it as much. They then lay the blame on Polo for killing Marina, prompting the teachers to rush on stage and declare the award is forfeit.

Samuel is brought in to the police station where his Mother tells him she made a mistake and unfortunately his family is in danger. Even worse, his brother is being extradited.

Given how much stick her parents have given her over the entire school year, Yeray gives her some of that power back by making Carlathe sole owner of the winery and forcing her Father to sign to prevent them going bankrupt.

This episode then starts to collide with the graduation party we’ve been seeing fragments of through the season, as Lu and Nadia discuss wanting to smash a bottle over Polo’s head. At the bar, Omar tells Polo to leave for good as he approaches. Guzman and Nadia finally hook up again while Ander and Omar sit and talk, with Omar admitting that he’s going to go to New York with Malick.

The interviews after the party see Omar tell the interviewer that Nadia was the one who entered the bathroom, which surprises him and leaves numerous questions hanging over this one.

While Malick has had a bit more to do in this season, Yeray by comparison has felt like an accessory to Carla’s personality, with their conversation acting as a way of empowering Carla against her parents. Although it works reasonably well, it’s also taken a fair amount of time this season to build up to that point and if this is the last we see of Yeray, there hasn’t been a lot of substance to his character.

The scenes with Guzman and Ander are pretty emotional though, especially given their lingering hug, but personally it would have been nice to see this linger on a bit longer to build on that emotion.

Despite that though, the penultimate episode of Elite does well to keep things interesting and going into the finale one big question hangs over this one – who killed Polo? We’re about to find out…

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