Elite – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Blackout Party

Episode 5 of Elite Season 3 begins with Valerio starting to hustle with Rebeca, selling drugs while at night cozying up to Polo and Cayetana. Meanwhile, Omar confronts Malick over the lie he’s been leading and after having a drink poured on him at work, decides to back off Omar for now. He returns home to Ander and as he runs his hands through his boyfriend’s hair, winds up pulling out clumps in the process.

At school, Ander arrives and announces to the class that he has cancer, which is why he shaved all his hair off. He’s tired of hiding things now and as Omar ponders over what to do next, Lu greets Ander and tells him she knows about his fling. The situation is a tricky one, especially given his volatile family and Malick using Nadia as leverage to get into school.

Rebeca visits her Mum in prison and she tells her that someone bugged their living room. Everyone except the “little angel” has been arrested – Samuel – and with this knowledge she tells Rebeca to test him to see if he’s really as pure as she believes.

Ander rejects Polo’s help in getting him the best doctors and instead he sits with him and they drink and smoke together. Ander talks about his chemo and Polo mentions his current threesome arrangement and for now, things appear to be like old times. Guzman arrives soon after though and sees them laughing and joking together, prompting him to head off in annoyance.

Back home, Polo hooks up with Valerio and Cayetana again but unfortunately his parents arrive home and see him, prompting Polo to openly admit that the three of them are dating.

At school the next day, the group prepare for the Blackout party. Valerio meanwhile feels ashamed by the entire threesome situation and the way Polo’s parents reacted, prompting Cayetana to give him some encouraging words of wisdom.

Fed up with the situation she finds herself in (being made out to be a glorified pimp to save her Father’s winery) Carla confronts her parents at dinner and announces that she’s going to break up with Yeray. However, her mother has known all this time and tells her in no uncertain terms she has to go through with this.

Valerio packs up the drugs and prepares to start selling them at the blackout party – a risky venture for sure. Samuel sees Rebeca dealing and watches from afar while Ander talks to Guzman about the incident from the other night. Given he already knows how precious time is given the Marina situation, he asks whether Guzman wants to be left with resentment for the little time they have left together before walking away.

Ever watchful, Samuel continues to scan the crowds as Carla takes drugs to try and ease up her resentment for Yeray. At the same time, Omar gives in to temptation and has sex with Malick… just as Nadia arrives. Even worse, Samuel loses the bag containing drugs but Valerio has managed to raise enough funds to try and get into university thanks to his drug hustling.

As everything reaches fever pitch, the blackout begins and the lights go out. It turns out Rebeca added fluorescent paint to try and flush out the thief… which happens to be Samuel. Unfortunately that paint also gets on Omar (who of course hooked up with Malick too) and Nadia realizes what’s happening, given the amount of paint around his groin, and bolts.

Hurt from Samuel’s betrayal, Rebeca hurries away while Lu sits with Nadia in the morning and tries to make her feel better after the hammer blow of finding out the truth about Malick.

In the future Ander admits to wanting to pick up the champagne bottle neck but Guzman beat him to it, picking up the bottle and entering the restroom. Unable to look at the investigator, he tells her this is the truth… but is he lying?

As the episode closes out, and in the aftermath of the bombshells at the party, both Guzman and Polo put aside their problems to be there for Ander at the hospital for his appointment.

More than any other episode this season, this is the one where big drama spills over and all of our intertwined plot threads collide at the Blackout party. There’s some really solid drama and seeing all these secrets start to come out spells big trouble for the second half of this season. Of course, this is standard for Elite if you’ve followed this through from the previous entries in the show but episode 5 is where things really start to turn up the heat.

Quite what the fall-out from this will be in the future remains to be seen but for now, Elite continues to offer up some really solid teen drama.


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