Elite – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Reverse Valentines

Episode 4 of Elite Season 3 begins with Rebeca awakening to find her house investigated as police take numerous pictures and ignore her as she tries to make coffee. At school, Lu looks around the hallways and comments on how backwards everything has become. Lu decides not to throw a conventional Valentine’s party but her actual plans remain a secret for now.

Rebeca asks for cash from her friends in order to visit her Mum in prison. Once there, she berates her mother for what’s happened and asks just what she’s supposed to do now, on her own. Her Mother sneers, telling her she should hit the punching bag instead. Given what’s going on in her life, Rebeca heads to Samuel’s and manages to crash at his for the time being. This whole situation, of course, is almost certainly Samuel’s doing given he’s working with the police.

Lu decides to plan a Reverse Valentines party and this gets the entire school talking. On the back of this, Nadia is told to redo her exam and as Guzman approaches her, it turns out it’s because she’s had to work at the store so much and just hasn’t had time to study.

In the shop, Guzman confronts Nadia’s father about the situation and convinces him to let her off the hook, offering to take up the work-load instead. Nadia tells him she’ll never forgive him for what he’s done, believing he’s doing all this because he’s worried about his pride.

Valentines Day arrives and Lu finds herself alone, trying to gear the students up for her party. Rebeca is taken outside class not long after and told that they could drop her voluntarily given the seriousness of her Mother’s situation. Rebeca kicks off, shouting at Azucena about how unjust the system is, especially given the issues with Polo and letting him back in the school. The entire class rally to her side too, led by Samuel, leading Azucena to back down and promise to speak to the board.

Given Rebeca’s Mum told her to “hit the punching bag” earlier, Rebeca and Samuel realize this was code; Sandra left her stash hidden in the punching bag. As they manage to break it all free, Valerio joins them and offers to go 50/50 in selling the lucrative stash of drugs they have infront of them. Samuel however, suggests they flush it. Rebeca makes the final call though and deliberates over what to do.

Nadia’s father starts to see sense and decides to put his daughter’s education first, closing the store early. She throws her arms around him before heading out for their scheduled family dinner. Omar arrives too and as his parents ask about his school life, Ander dances around the truth.

He eventually tells them about Ander’s leukemia but his father coldly mentions how it’s not his responsibility. Omar bites back though, going on to tell him Ander is his family – and his boyfriend. Unfortunately his Father refuses to listen to him, leading Ander to leave the table.

The Reverse Valentine’s party begins and Lu is in her element, greeting and hosting the event. Valerio tries to get under her skin, mentioning how cheap the event is and as he leaves, Nadia arrives along with Carla who are both dressed in normal gear.

Lu continues to look around and spots Omar and Malick kissing. Ander makes an unscheduled appearance at the party not long after, leaving Lu in a difficult position as she encourages him to head back and enjoy the festivities away from the toilets.

Romance continues to blossom across the party as Guzman admits he only stood up to Nadia’s Father because he loves her. Nadia smiles, telling him she loves him too but it’s not enough – everything’s easy with Malick who, as we know, hooked up with Omar which only further complicates matters.

Lu meanwhile, finds herself alone. After being rejected by Nadia earlier, Guzman jumps over to her but she decides not to come up second best, remaining independent and strong instead. They toast each other across the room and the party continues on without a hitch.

At school the next day, Rebeca learns the school-board have agreed to keep her on, but on the basis of her making sure the payments are on-time. Without much of a choice, she decides to start dealing the drugs she has stashed away.

In the future, Polo confronts Lu but she simply throws a drink over his face and tells him he ruined her life. Blind drunk, Lu continues on and bumps into Guzman, with her champagne bottle smashing on the floor. As Guzman asks where the rest of the pieces are, the neck of the bottle stands out ominously in the foreground.

It’s Lu’s turn to be interviewed this time and as Nadia stares, encouraging Lu to head in, she admits she’s not able to follow through with this. Nadia pleads with her though, going on to mention she has to lie.

Infront of the investigator Lu is nervous and clearly shook up, which she immediately notices. She suspects Lu to be lying and as she presses on, Lu finally admits to seeing who killed Polo that night.

As the plot thickens and we reach the midway point of this teen murder mystery, Elite is really starting to come into its own. The new faces this year have slotted into the group nicely, with the slimy Malick clearly holding his own dark secrets. Poor Nadia too, and given what she went through with Guzman it’s difficult to see her being treated poorly again.

The overarching plot this time around is really intriguing and the glimpses to the future constantly throws curve-balls into the mix surrounding Polo’s murder. It’s difficult to figure out exactly who killed him right now but one thing’s for sure – the truth will out and as we’ve seen in the past, that tends to be followed up by some seriously messy drama. Only time will tell who’s to blame this time!

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