Elite – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

More Suspects

Episode 2 of Elite Season 3 begins with Samuel arriving in school and seeing Polo talking to the teachers. However, as we see glimpses of the future we see the party Polo was killed at is actually a graduation party.

Back in our present timeline, Omar and Ander wake up together but Ander’s health scare means he’s not in the mood to make love. This doesn’t sit well with Omar though, who leaves after questioning their relationship. Things get worse for Ander when he heads up to the doctors and finds out he has leukemia. Given Rebeca accompanied him to the doctor’s, on the way out the door she encourages him by saying he’ll die of old age.

Back home he finally admits the truth to Omar and after an emotional reunion, heads back to the doctors for his first session of treatment. Omar shows up though and offers his support.

At school, Rebeca pitches the idea to Samuel that Valerio should come and live with him. Before he can ponder over this too much, back in class the group learn of a generous sponsor, which Samuel immediately believes is Polo’s Mother given what he saw beforehand.

At school, Guzman approaches Polo and looks him square in the eye, asking if he killed Marina. Without blinking, Polo tells him he didn’t which leads Guzman to nod and tell him he may be able to trust Polo after all.

Nadia and Lu’s rivalry continues to bubble up as well, with them both signing up for scholarships to Columbia. Given what we know about Lu’s family, this is obviously a calculated move but she acts coolly infront of Nadia and tells her it’s because she wants to beat her. Eventually though Lu does cave and admits the truth, telling Nadia that she needs the scholarship as much as she does. They shake hands as the health competition begins, “Let the hunger games begin”.

Guzman and Polo ditch school and decide to play video games instead. Partway through, Samuel receives a call from Guzman and races over on his bike. Upstairs, he finds Polo tied up to a chair and passed out.

The duo wake him up and start the interrogation, intent on finding the missing trophy that killed Marina. Eventually Polo caves and admits the truth to them, telling the boys he did kill Marina. Guzman starts choking him out but Samuel grabs him, stopping Guzman in his tracks.

At Sandra’s party, Valerio slumps to new lows as he tries to hustle drugs. Only, Sandra realizes what he’s doing and in private, sees how far he’ll go. Pretty far is the answer and she gets up in disgust, telling him to look at himself and leaving the boy to contemplate his own life choices.

At the graduation party in the future, a drunk Samuel picks up a knife from the bar and stares menacingly at Polo. However, we jump forward further as we hear the investigator talk to them after the murder about the importance of remembering what happened.

Guzman is interviewed and talks to the interviewer about having a second chance and how he would never hurt Polo…. which of course is a lie given what we’ve seen in the past. Samuel is also interviewed but he tells the investigator that even if he knew who the killer was, he wouldn’t tell her.

As the episode closes out, Guzman approaches a dying Polo and screams for the group to call an ambulance as he looks over the lifeless body of his former friend.

Who killed Polo? It’s something that’s been weighing heavily over the series so far and seems to be the big catalyst for all the drama that’s spiralling out from this point. It’s too early to call of course but one advantage of having such a big ensemble of characters is just how much is going on at any one time.

Elite has always had that advantage and with numerous players clearly lying, the stage is set for a drip-feed of information relating to this murder in the future, keeping things interesting right the way through the series.

The back and forth scenes between the past and future are well-edited too and especially the moments involving Guzman, it seems like he didn’t have anything to do with Polo’s death. Is this true? Or was his reaction at the end all a big show? We’ll have to wait and find out!

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