Elite – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Hard Truth

Episode 7 of Elite begins following the bombshell announcement of the audio recording, with Samuel in the police station showing the tape to the investigator. Unfortunately, it’s not enough for a prosecution and worse, with Nano now gone and presumably on the run, it just paints him as more of a guilty party than before.

Carla is warned by her parents about the audio recording and told to be careful while Nadia speaks to her Father about Omar. He’s clearly upset about the situation and he tells Nadia to relay on to Omar that he cares. Learning about her financial woes, Polo tells Cayetana not to throw the party but she tells him she has no choice, for fear of being thrown out of school.

It’s here Guzman tells Ander and Polo what Samuel told him. As Polo brushes it off, Ander sits uncomfortably as Guzman stares them both down and tries to work out if there’s something hidden between them. However, as Guzman heads back inside and speaks to Nadia privately, they have sex together in the locker room, only for Valerio to be standing by the doorway filming the entire incident. He sends the video on to Lu who contemplates what to do with it while Nadia struggles to tell her Father the truth.

After the incident at lunch, Ander pleads with Polo to tell the truth and admit to Guzman what happened. He tells him to hold on a little longer as it will all be over soon.

After speaking to Rebecca’s Mum about deliveries, Samuel rushes home and hides the package under his bed – the package holding the wad of cash found by the police earlier in the future-segments of the episodes. In the future, Ander appears to snap as he tells the Inspector had they done their job, they would have caught the ones responsible.

At the evening party, Lu begins to figure out exactly what happened to Cayetana, including her scandal and the money. Convinced to keep quiet for now, Carla leaves Lu and hurries to let Samuel into the party, before spying her Father who breaks up the urgent dialogue from Polo.

Meanwhile, Lu takes the reigns of the party and, having now figured out the truth, tells everyone how much of a liar she is. She asks Cayetana outright whether NGO even exists and tells everyone she’s the daughter of a cleaner. She tells the crowd that she’s sick of pretending and that Cayetana will, of course, give everyone their money back. To make matters worse, she also admits that Guzman slept with Nadia and Samuel is sleeping with Carla before pushing her way through the crowd and leaving.

It’s a shocking segment too, one that leaves the crowd stunned. Her revenge isn’t over yet either though; she posts the video of Guzman having sex with Nadia on the internet while Ander is approached by Guzman directly and asked if Polo killed Marina. Unable to tell him the truth, he grits his teeth and tells him Polo didn’t do it, staring him right in the eye and lying.

As the episode closes out, Samuel rides home on his bike while being chased by a car in hot pursuit.

As all the pieces come together here, Elite delivers one of the best episodes of the series. All of these subplots have been bubbling over for quite some time now and seeing Lu as the one to turn up the heat and blow the lid off everything that’s been going is both satisfying and shocking. It comes at the perfect time too, alleviating some of the pent up tension around these angles and allowing all focus to fall on Samuel for the remaining episode.


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  1. When will everyone in the episode and viewers find when it will come out that polo actually killed marina ,it’s been long drawn for long now .

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