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Pixar’s latest movie is almost upon us and if you’re a fan of the animation studio’s previous works, including Toy Story, Inside Out, and Coco, you will no doubt be looking forward to this upcoming release.

The concept of Pixar’s new movie is unusual to say the least – it is set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic elements of nature (including fire, water, land, and air) – but as the studio made us fall in love with cars, toys, and human emotions, we’re sure we will also become attached to their latest cast of characters.

What is Elemental about?

Elemental tells the heartwarming story of a drop of water named Wade Ripple (Mamoudou Athie) and a fiery flame named Ember Lumen (Leah Lewis) who meet in Element City and discover they have more in common than they ever thought possible.

In a world where elements aren’t supposed to mix, Wade and Ember embark on a journey of discovery together as they get to know more about each other and the other characters that live in the various neighbourhoods of the city they inhabit.

When will Elemental be released?

Elemental is due for release in cinemas on June 16 in the USA and July 7 in the UK.

The movie will likely come to Disney+ before the year is out so if you miss it on the big screen, you will be able to watch it on your smaller screen at home. We’re predicting an October/November release on the streaming service.

Who voices the characters of Elemental?

Wade Ripple, a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, is voiced by Archive 81 star Mamoudou Athie. Joining him in the cast is Leah Lewis (The Half Of It) as Ember Lumen, a character who is said to be quite the firecracker, and newcomer Mason Wertheimer who voices Ember’s neighbour Clod, a street-smart earth kid who has a sweet crush on his fiery friend.

The voice cast also includes:

  • Catherine O’Hara as Brook Ripple
  • Matthew Yang King as Alan Ripple
  • Joe Pera as Fern
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey as Gale
  • Shila Ommi as Cinder Lumen

Who has directed Elemental?

Elemental has been directed by Peter Sohn (The Good Dinosaur) whose New York childhood inspired the movie. In an interview featured here, Sohn said:

“My parents emigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and built a bustling grocery store in the Bronx,” said the director. “We were among many families who ventured to a new land with hopes and dreams—all of us mixing into one big salad bowl of cultures, languages and beautiful little neighborhoods. That’s what led me to ‘Elemental.'”

Elemental trailer

Are you looking forward to Pixar’s latest movie? Which other Pixar movies have you enjoyed? Let us know in the comments below.

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