Electric Enemy – Bleed Me Dry | Album Review

Track Listing

Bleed Me Dry
Take The Wheel
Give Me the Words


Electric Enemy implement grooves and hooks into their infectious music, and on their EP Bleed Me Dry, the band search for clarity when everything seems blurred and misty. The tones and rhythms are fundamental here, and those supercharged guitar riffs do not become weighed down at any moment. They’re impactful and smooth, blending well with the empowering vocals.

The themes here don’t get dismissed either as the band focus on world problems, unearthing their own anger as they go. This angst is relevant and timely, and when those drumbeats come in and the guitars set the tone, everything becomes dramatic.

Lyrically, we’re taken into a world of devils and sinners. The saints are being outnumbered and the love is being sold like a poison. The story that unravels here is captivating, and the band do not desist from giving their statements. From the beginning to the emotional conclusion, the story keeps on spilling anecdotes that are joyless, but insightful.

The opening track ‘Bleed Me Dry’ is a bashful, electrifying, frenzied juggernaut. Those guitar lines are blistering, and the themes are dark, pushing the story to the limits.

‘Take The Wheel’ is a guitar-driven onslaught of emotions. Every step forward means anarchy, and the sickness becomes a reality. That chorus blends infectiousness with realism, and the devil comes in all shapes and sizes.

‘Give Me The Words’ ends the EP with a soft opener. It’s poetic and driven with sheer exuberance, and the love has truly been broken. Though it’s a dark track, the musical aspect is upbeat.

Electric Enemy is a band on the lookout for change and validation. Their music is commendable, and the story poetic, making Bleed Me Dry a decent EP to check out.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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