Echoes – Season 1 Episode 3 “Party” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Echoes starts with Leni wondering why Gina is trying to hurt her. Interestingly, the first shot of this chapter is of a church and that appears to be an important part of what’s happened between them in the past. I’m sure we’ll find out in the near future!

Now, the bond between the girls was never super strong all the time, typified by a journal entry about Gina wanting to hurt her sister. Leni compromises and decides they should share a book so their secrets are only between them.

In the present, tensions are high between Leni and Jack, especially when the former promises never to leave Mattie again. Victor shows up on Leni’s birthday and asks where Gina is. She makes up a lie and claims that she’s back at the motel resting up. It turns out Victor is going to throw a big party for the girls, with the whole town invited along for the celebrations. This causes Leni to become flustered, and she’s still super sketchy, burning the breakfast too.

Leni continues to try and keep up appearances, switching between Gina and Leni to patch up the chaos caused across town. After speaking to Meg, she also tries to catch up with Dylan as well. Now, everything here seems to be linking back to the church fire.

While parked up, Leni receives a call from the bank. Apparently, she has 60,000 in cash due to be picked up at the United National Bank of Mount Echo. However, she has to swing by the store first to pick up the birthday cake for the party. She’s in a hurry, given time is tight to grab the funds, but she runs into Sheriff Floss of all people at the store.

Floss probes about her family life, including some sort of loan payments that Jack was involved with. She goes on to mention how it’ll be great to see both sisters together in the same place and laughs. Honestly, I love this character, she’s so delightfully sarcastic.

Anyway, the plot thickens when Leni arrives up at the bank. It turns out Gina is already there with Dylan and they lock eyes. She takes off in Dylan’s red truck after eyeballing her sister. “Two is one, always.” is a phrase that she and Gina had ever since they were kids but it would appear that this is starting to waver now.

Leni follows Dylan back home and confronts him over the lies. “She’s going to turn on you,” Leni warns. As for Dylan though, she takes Gina’s side and points out that the switching is all her fault.

That night, Gina speaks to Leni and confronts her over the passports, berating her on the phone. Not only that, but Leni also finds a gift waiting for her on the bed. This happens to be their old diary. With bloody handprints and the pages full of writing, Leni is well and truly flustered.

At the big birthday bash, things take a turn for the surprising when Gina shows up talking to Jack. There are a couple of shadowy figures that Floss is concerned by, while Gina and Leni’s relations are incredibly fractured. That much is especially true when Charlie brings up the $60k mentioned earlier.

Everything eventually spills over in the most dramatic way possible. Jack confronts Leni about her alleged affair, believing that she’s seeing Dylan and the money was for him. Meg also speaks up, confessing her love for another woman which she’s been keeping a secret.

Outside, Gina demands Leni hand over her passport and money. She’s leaving and had enough of this double life. Although Leni brings up Victor’s heart condition, Gina has made her mind up and wants to leave all the same. But that’s not before Gina destroys a little more of Leni’s life. The sisters look at one another, as Gina tells Leni: “Give me the money or I will take everything from you.”

As the episode closes out, Gina disappears again and even worse, Mattie is missing too.

The Episode Review

So the mystery turns into more of a vengeance-fueled mission between the two sisters, as it turns out Gina is alive after all. The mystery that was brewing is ultimately squashed completely and instead, we get this complicated web of deception and lies between the two women.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of animosity between them and that undoubtedly links back to the church fire. Whatever happened there is likely to be the catalyst for everything that’s going on.

Echoes bows out with a dramatic conclusion, leaving the door wide open for the remaining 4 episodes.

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