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Echo 3 – Season 1 Episode 8 “Family Matters” Recap & Review

Family Matters

At the start of Echo 3 episode 8, we catch a brief glimpse of Amber tied up with ropes. It is because of her escape antics from the other day. Momo peacefully makes his way back to Caracas to Tariq, surprising the big brother.

The younger one is livid about the incident and blames Tariq for it. He tried to distance himself from Tariq’s dealings (like Michael from The Godfather) and invariably got dragged into this mess. The reason why he was let go was that Bambi and Prince decided to make a rescue attempt themselves as they felt dragging this blackmail option would be too late for Amber.

Tariq is brought under the scanner once again by Momo. The Minister’s arrogance and contempt for the Americans are brought out in his tirade when Momo says he must release Amber. The biologist is exhausted and her mental state reverts to hallucinations about her childhood, the time she spent with Prince, and her limited days working with the agency. Her mind wanders back and forth, sifting through those uncomfortable, vividly alive memories in her head.

Amber’s focus is then locked on the time when she comforted a sobbing Bambi when he killed the abusive man. That is how the bond was forged – through tough times and testing adversities. Bambi introduces Javi to some of his colleagues who will be with him in the operation. The fisherman is visibly unsettled and unsure about the whole thing. Javi informs the Americans that Amber is being prepared for execution. Tariq is now convinced that he wants revenge for Momo.

Tommy frees her and prepares her for another video. She is disoriented and under the effects of the drugs they gave her, she has been having these daydreams. In their conversation, Tommy reveals that he is the one who is supposed to kill her. Even though he does not want to, he still will – on Saturday. Maggie goes to see Prince’s father at the Haas Expo in Albuquerque. She is eventually connected with him through a video call. But all her attempts are rebuffed. Like most of the employees, she too is disposable for the big man. She has a one-on-one with Reese who mentions her affair with Prince by does not confirm the details of the arrangement.

The next few visuals are all happening in Amber’s mind. One of them is that of Bambi arriving at the facility, killing Tommy, and rescuing her. The series of hallucinations continue throughout the entire episode. The next memory that follows for Amber is that of Prince and her. Their first meeting, how they fell in love and changed their lives. Bambi was the one who was instrumental in making their relationship happen. She speaks to Bambi about his experiences in the military. But suddenly, she realizes that all of her daydreams are getting too unrealistic.

We then learn about the plan for them to ambush the facility and rescue Amber. Mitch and the others will pose as the Colombian army and make their way inside. It is time for the operation to take place and the Americans assemble their weaponry and the cavalry prepares to go in. They show them an elaborate plan on how to enter based on their separate teams and get information from them about local activities. They ask how they can find her amidst the crowd, and since they have drones, it will be easier for them to find her.

As all of this is happening in that part of the country, another deal is going down in the halls of the Venezuelan political lobby. The usual conspirators agree to keep their plan intact for the promise of money. We see a brief altercation between Tariq and Tommy. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the Americans shoot him down as he is coming out of the office. Before their big operation, our two main men have a tender conversation about things that we saw in episode one.

The respect that Prince has for Bambi shows in the way he talks about him being Prince’s inspiration for joining the army. He lauds Bambi’s practical decision-making ability and how quickly he has to act in certain situations. Bambi’s mind goes back to the first operation we saw in the opening episode where their boss Drifter was killed. He tears up and confesses to Prince that if he had not come to save him, Bambi would have been able to save Drifter. The reason for doing so otherwise was only because of what Amber told him in private about keeping Prince safe. The final moments of the episode give way to the Americans making their way through the water tunnels and into the facility according to the devised plan.

The Episode Review

Just like the title suggested, this episode of Echo 3 was about remembering the past. Not in a confrontational way but perhaps seeing it for the time it represented. All main characters went through the works and it was a refreshing change from the common theme of action and violence.

We have gradually built up to the rescue plan and Amber’s fate rests delicately as we approach the finale. It is a tough possibility to imagine all protagonists coming unscathed, as is the nature of such operations. But the journey up to this point has been full of adventure.

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