Echo 3 – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Gambler” Recap & Review

The Gambler

Amber is taken hostage by the rebels at the start of Echo 3 episode 3 and taken to their camp in the forests. They are not accepting ransom anymore and see her as a high-value target that can further their aspirational political ambitions. Prince has taken matters into his own hands and leveraged an interview with a local media network through his influence and connections.

Indirectly, they insinuate that the American and Colombian governments are not doing enough to save his wife, who is only an innocent scientist. This is not taken lightly by all accused parties, including the CIA and the Colombian army. The General no longer entertains Prince and Bambi’s requests to be involved with the mission.

Also, the mission the army was planning has now gone fruitless owing to Prince’s antics on television. At a fundraiser for Wasala Foundation, Prince tries to bribe the General with a paid position in Haas Industries, an endeavor of his father’s, and he agrees to greenlight an operation. Periera expresses his disappointment to Bambi with what happened. They broke his trust, according to him. Violeta Matiz airs an interview with Bambi on a national scale that both the rebels and Amber listen to.

Graciela is of the opinion that bringing Matiz to the camp will give them national attention. They already have leverage in the entire dealings and Matiz’s intervention will only validate their cause. It could usher in a real change and maybe even oust the current government. Her girlfriend reluctantly agrees. Matiz makes an overnight journey into the camp blindfolded. The Commandante meets with her and asks her to help them identify the real purpose of why Amber came to Colombia.

Matiz meets Amber and says she does not care even if she is an agent. She will help her get out of this. Amber’s response coincides with a montage that shows the Colombian army and the American duo getting ready to ambush the camp. Actually, Bambi did the interview to tail Matiz and gain her confidence. She has led them to the camo and Amber says “they will kill them all”.  When Violeta gets ready to leave, the Commandment orders the soldiers to take her captive too and puts her with Amber.

They soon start moving out as Pereira’s men start to take their positions. The rebels head toward the river and try to escape via boats but the army intercepts them. Periera has also spread snipers in the forest and when one of them gets a clear shot on the Commandment, Periera greenlights the kill. The army feels that they have the upper hand as the rebels are surrounded from all four corners but the rebels have a surprise waiting for them.

Graciela’s girlfriend texts one of their associates in the city “it is time” and the man escapes the pub placing a bomb there. Moments later it goes up in flames and Periera gets orders from the top to withdraw their position and allow the rebels a pass-through. The rebels threaten to unleash more bombs throughout the city and more civilian casualties force the government’s hand. The rebels rejoice as the American duo watches on helplessly.

Pereira requests the General to give him an opportunity to make things right and have another go at the rebels with a team o volunteers. The General says he has his unofficial permission and Periera’s intelligence tells them that the rebels are traveling via road through slow transport vehicles. Bambi takes his position on the ridgeline with a couple of other snipers and Prince handles the fort on the ground. The trucks finally arrive, as anticipated, and Bambi shoots the driver of the front truck.

The other trucks are forced to stop and the snipers start taking men out as they take positions in the bushes. After a while, the rebels come up with a new plan. They decide to use sheets to cover themselves so as to confuse the snipers about who is under the covers. Prince is forced into action on the ground to manually check the sheets. He finally finds Amber and shoots down Graciela’s girlfriend. Unknown to him, a rebel was hiding in the back of the truck and wounds him. Graciela and other reinforcements soon arrive to push back the soldiers.

Prince lies on the ground; a screaming Amber watches in horror as she is taken away, and Bambi anxiously awaits facing the tough situation as he descends the ridgeline. The screen goes black and signals “the end of Part I”.

The Episode Review

Why do these highly skilled operators always miss out on the lone ranger hiding in plain sight? It happens every single time. When Prince held Amber in his arms, there was no doubt that she will be taken again. Prince has most probably survived the attack. Huisman is too good an artist to leave out so early in the season.

With episode 3, we have supposedly ended part I. There was no prior indication from Boal or the executives that the series is divided like that. However, part I has seen two failed attempts at rescue missions and important casualties that will fuel the upcoming parts. But where does the story go from here? Given Boal’s history of work, there is a high possibility we will see the more political side of things in the next part.

The exploration of local Colombian rebel groups can maybe take away some of the stings from the action-adventure tangent in Echo 3. Lesser nerves and more subtle emotional debauchery await us. Episode 3 also promises another rescue mission on the precipice.

Only this time, it will be a zero-sum game of life and death. Remains to be seen who comes out on top!

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