Duty After School- K-drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Humans Are Scarier Than Spheres!

Duty After School episode 10 starts with the students walking, as they are on their way to Seoul. They came across the dead bodies of the students from the Science High School whom they had met a few days earlier. Things are not looking great, they are exhausted and are running out of food and water.

Young-soo is still hung up on the cancellation of the CSATs and wants the team to go back. He thinks that the CSAT will still happen and he doesn’t want to lose his points for deserting the mission. The rest of the team asks him to get it together and deal with the reality that they won’t take the CSAT exams. They all feel like survival is the most pressing matter and couldn’t care less about the exams at the moment.

After walking for miles, they come across an amusement park and find some food. The students are still angry with Yoo-Jung, Soo-chul, Jang-soo and Kwon Il-Ha and refuse to let them eat. However, after discussing what happened to the students from the Science High School, they change their minds and make up. They all enjoy their food and reminisce about their memories before the war started. They regret not visiting an amusement park as a class and Deok-joong remembers that Soo-chul wanted to visit one.

As they talk, So-Yoon and Young-Shin fix the generator and turn on the lights and the rides. The students decide to have fun and go on the rides as long as they don’t scream and alert the spheres. They all have an amazing time, enjoying the rides, playing games and teasing each other. Some of them, like Chi-yeol and Kwon Il-ha, have heartfelt conversations.

Kwon Il-Ha admits that he fought with Soo-chul before his death. He feels guilty about losing his friends and his old bullying ways. Chi-yeol comforts him and assures him that it is not his fault his friends died. Bo-Ra and Ae-seol also get closer by sharing stories and smoking a cigarette

Jang-soo and So-Yeon stand watch while the others have the time of their life. On the other hand, Young-soo wanders away, feeling slighted that the others are having time in such a moment. Jang-soo spots him and asks him not to worry too much, they can take the exam the following year. This annoys Young-soo even more as he feels that Jang-soo doesn’t understand his plight since he comes from a well-off family.

The students take photos in the booth and decide to take a picture as a group. They notice that Young-soo, Jang-soo and So-yeon are absent but decide to find them later and take another picture. As they prepare to pose, Chi-yeol notices a video recorded by Soo-chul in his final moment.

Chi-yeol absentmindedly left the camera behind that day and Soo-chul found it. Soo-chul opted to make an apology video but was attacked by the spheres. He managed to kill them but accidentally fell out the window while shooting. The students are sad but glad that no one murdered him as they earlier suspected.

Meanwhile, Jang-soo and So-yeon spend some time together watching the beach. Jang-soo apologizes for the deceit they pulled and they talk about Lieutenant Lee and what it means to be an adult. So-yeon gives him the can of coke she got from Kwon Il-Ha. They fail to notice Young-soo watching them from afar.

Later, So-yeon walks alone when she spots Young-soo who is in the middle of a mental breakdown and has hallucinations about the call to suspend the CSATs being withdrawn. Unfortunately, So-yeon fails to see the signs that Young-soo is becoming erratic and dangerous. She asks him to forget about the CSATs and he gets angry, he accuses her of avoiding him and mentions he saw her kissing Jang-soo. He starts getting violent and So-yeon tries to pull away. Amidst the struggle, he pushes her and she hits a trash can hard and faints.

Young-soo realizes what he has done but his awareness is fleeting. He starts remembering the times when she used to call him a pervert for staring at her hips in class and when she was generally mean to him. He proceeds to start sexually harassing her but is spotted by Kwon Il-ha. Kwon Il-ha intervenes and tries to save So-yeon. He fails to realize that Young-soo is a bigger threat than he first pictured. Young-soo threatens to shoot him if he tells anyone what happened.

Kwon Il-Ha tries to pretend that he will not tell anyone but he overpowers Young-soo and beats him up. He turns to check on So-yeon and Young-soo uses that chance to grab a stone and hit him over the head. Another fight ensues and unfortunately, Young-soo shoots Kwon Il-Ha in cold blood and quickly throws his body into the sea. So-yeon is barely conscious during this traumatic event and lies there helplessly.

Once the sounds of gunshots rent the air, the kids quickly rush to grab their guns and assess the situation. They find So-yeon barely conscious and Young-soo wet. Young-soo spins a tale of how a sphere attacked and dragged Kwon Il-Ha into the sea. He pretends like he tried to save Kwon Il-Ha and failed.

Hee-rak is hit hard by this news, he was one of Kwon Il-Ha’s best friends. He tries to get into the water and find Kwon Il-Ha but Jang-soo sees that the detector is indicating danger and forces the group to evacuate.

On the way, they keep checking on So-yeon who is awake and capable of walking. It is also raining heavily and they are worried that So-yeon is concussed and needs rest. They try asking her what happened but So-yeon says she doesn’t remember. She, however, seems wary of Young-soo. Young-soo is also worried that she will remember and start talking about what really happened. They find a school and decide to take refuge there.

At the school, the students rest and treat So-yeon. Hee-rak is still in disbelief and the students agree they will return to find Kwon Il-Ha’s body so they can bury him. Young-soo starts getting scared but feels confident they won’t find the body because he weighed it down with stones. He leaves the room and the other students start talking about the things they want to do in the future.

They can’t wait to reunite with their families, be in their homes and have their favourite meals. The war has made them sentimental and has taught them a lot. They distract themselves from the pain of losing Kwon Il-ha by envisioning their future. So-yeon starts to remember and pulls Jang-soo aside to tell him her version of the story.

Jang-soo tells her to take time and rest before accusing Young-soo of the hideous crime. So-yeon is not exactly sure if her memories are real and is in denial. Young-soo secretly listens to their conversation and ponders what to do. His condition is getting worse and he is already seeing Kwon Il-ha’s ghost and hallucinating about the students finding out what he did. He is also seeing spheres when they are not there.

The other students are still in a classroom talking about the people they have lost and sharing memories. Deok-Joong tries to lighten the mood and starts wishing he had a time machine. As they talk, they realize that Young-soo is not with them. Jang-soo offers to go fetch him. As he opens the door, he is shot and Young-soo enters the classroom and starts firing and killing them one by one.

The students are too shocked to react in time. Most of them try to fire back but don’t even get a chance to pull the trigger. Hee-rak manages to shoot Young-soo in the leg. Bo-Ra and Ae-seol manage to get out of the classroom, and sadly Bo-Ra is gunned down in the hallway.  Chi-yeol and Na-ra also make it out of the classroom. Na-Ra manages to shoot Young-soo but it is not fatal. She also gets injured in the shooting spree. Chi-yeol tries to reason with Young-soo and begs him to stop.

Heartbreakingly, Young-soo says that he has no choice and apologizes, finally, Ae-seol shoots him down before he kills Chi-yeol and Na-ra. They go back to check if they are any survivors in the class but they only find a bloodbath and a book where they wrote their plans for the future. Only four students survived the massacre.

How Does Duty After School End?

Two years later, Chi-yeol narrates what happened after that fateful day. According to Chi-yeol, the military developed a new weapon a few weeks later after the school shooting. With the new weapon, the spheres were killed and the war came to an end. Chi-yeol felt as if what they had to endure during the war was done in vain. He questions why they were drafted into war if the government could have made a weapon from the beginning and spared so many lives.

As he sits in an exam room, about to take his CSATs (which have become controversial due to the extra points for those who were enlisted), he wonders what the point of it all was. He realizes that most of his friends didn’t get a chance to take the exams even though they fought so hard to survive. He decides to walk out of the exam room.  He wonders if he could turn back time, would he sign the consent forms?

The episode ends with him imagining what would have happened to the class if the war had not started. In his mind, they would all be alive, pulling their usual antics and being typical high school students.

The Episode Review

To say this episode came in like a wrecking ball would be an understatement, Nothing could have prepared us for the traumatic and haunting twist that came at the end there. It will take us a few minutes to digest everything that happened. Did you think it would end this way?

I feel sad for Chi-yeol and the other three students who made it alive. They went through something so life-altering and it is understandable why he walked out of the test. I am amazed that he even mustered the courage to enter a classroom again.

What did you think of the finale? Do you have any thoughts? Do let us know your favourite moments from the show. We always look forward to reading your comments.

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34 thoughts on “Duty After School- K-drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Stupid Movie,

    Its just waste of time, the movie was so nice till that trash ending came, and destroyed everything

  2. After reading the whole comments, I have decided not to watch 7-end!!!
    Yeah, I don’t wanna get my heart broken!! 🫵

  3. After watching this drama, I found out that humanity is needed for every one to survive. Although the ending was heartbreaking it had a lot of advice to offer

  4. Hated this movie from the first episode where the top student was killed so easily like that. Thank God I didn’t waste my time watching it. Why did some producer do rubbish series as this?

  5. I totally agree with all the comments said here…

    Had it been it was a Netflix series I’m very sure they can do finale like thiss inside they will surely make up with season 2 nd make it a reasonable ending

  6. stupid film😂😂🤣 imagine u wasting ur tym and energy on a film and it ending in. tragedy way… can’t just stop laughing that last episode spoilt it all

  7. The ending didn’t make much sense and it felt unrealistic. Also it felt like the writers got lazy and decided to ended it asap. The amount of tears, crying, relationship drama and overall spoilt kids bs was unrealistic. Even though these are teens, it still feels a bit overboard. Noone would believe that they could handle it so well and survive the invaders so well and that teens who are nearing the end of teen years would while so much. Overall the drama was good, the acting top noch, the idea well executed, the character development not so good. The ending just felt like someone added some snippet from another movie…no sense whatsoever. Shocking yeah,meaningful – no.

  8. This is a really really stupid drama, a waste of my time and energy to watch. Such a lousy , unimaginative and lousy ending, very poor script. The director should not be doing any more drama with such low grade, boring ending. Should quit and do something else, anything but not as drama director….

  9. What a farce! You invested in 9 episodes to watch them all die in the 10th. Shouldn’t watch the whole season in the beginning. As if the others were dumb not to question what happened with Ilha👎👎👎. And then the feel good ending before the events that took place in Episode 1, doesn’t take away that they nearly all died doesn’t take away the bitter taste of wasting time watching the whole season. Who’s the idiot who wrote the story?

  10. Honestly I was in teras through out the ending and when I saw chi yeol’s imagination of how it might be if the war didn’t start, I just couldn’t help myself from laughing and crying 😭😭at the same time cus I feel so bad for those that died. Including the guy that died in episode 1 I’m so happy I got to see his face one last time .

  11. Why do they have to die like that? Now I can’t sleep, so sad u wish it was all just a dream and I miss commander lee, bo ra’s death hurts me like mad. Assuming they all sat down and thought about leaving in the first place when they figured out the class president,soo hul,and the rest has been fooling them they wouldn’t have died like that😭😭😭😭

  12. What happen with first student? Young hoon? What happen to another soldier kim won bin? Is it kwon ii ha already dead and not come back? How about lee na ra? Other three girl? Can you come back with season 3 ?

  13. What happen with first student? Young hoon? What happen to another soldier kim won bin? Is it kwon ii ha already dead and not come back? How about lee na ra? Other three girl? Can you come back with season 3 ?

  14. the ending did make sense but why does it have to be like that? the story would still make 3 good season if they did not end it like that. so frustrating.. you watched it and really enjoyed the story but what a let down ending. we watched series like this to enjoy not to be frustrated at the end…it’s so sad. felt like wasted my time watching this. now I can’t stop thinking how to have a good ending in my head just to calm my self before sleep..

  15. Sad ending but happy ending 😢 i cried a lot 😭 i couldn’t hope it ends like this but yyyyy 😭😭😭😭 i cried continuously till the end but at the end I just laughed but my eyes are tired up ……. I just surprised and felt good and relief when he wake up from his dream then cried a lot when realis actually it’s not a dream …. This drama makes me cry but sooooooo good and I love all of them ❤️😍but i didn’t thought everyone will die excluding 4 of them ….. I hope they will alive and begin their new fun classess like all of as are dead atleast they survive and alive but in this 😭😭😭😭😭😭 i can’t accept this i don’t want this end but it’s an amazing story and amazing twist 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  16. não acredito que o final foi isso,eles lutaram se esforçaram pra simplesmente morrerem desse jeito,a morte do sr lee já foi muito dolorida,vê eles morrerem assim por causa de um garoto que estava surtando por simplesmente só pensa nele,sobreviveram 4 pessoas mas só mostrou o garoto de óculos,e os outros??? O ep 1 ao 6 foi nota 10 o resto é resto.
    Obs:eu entendi a referência que o autor quis passar,mas mesmo assim o final foi uma merda.

  17. Truth to be told, I felt so sad after watching the last episode 😞😢
    At least none of them deserve to die after all what they’ve been through! What a tragedy movie 😔

  18. For me, the ending is an ultimate plot twist but is an ‘interesting and memorable one’. But it is realistic that one could crack under pressure and do silly things that they might regret, but in this case Yoong Soo’s mind was already screwed up. He was hallucinating and ended up killing his friends so that to secure his future (sit for exam, going to university and improve the life of his family). It’s a tragedy. School shooting is such a heartbreaking tragedy. To me the focus of this drama is not the sphere and how to destroy it but it is about human and humanity. This drama leaves so many memorable scenes and kudos to all cast for their great acting!

  19. I enjoyed every episode until the finale. Don’t get me wrong, the ending did make sense, but most of the characters we come to love died in a way that is not in the monster genre. I wanted an epic battle with the sphere creatures, instead we have a critique of mass shootings. What a let-down.

  20. what a sad ending and worst ending..i love the episode 1-6 but how come the story in the second part is not exciting at all.

  21. I agree with one of the commentators above who lamented the fact that we did not see anything about the other three survivors. It’s disappointing, but not a deal breaker. This episode was devastating to watch, although I had seen it, or something like it, coming. I hated watching the kids die, but I think I understand the message that the writers were trying to make. I liked the episode (and the Drama as a whole.) What bothered me more were the previous episodes where they spent so much time, right in the middle of missions, talking about their feelings, instead of doing their jobs. The solution to the jail cell/hostage problem was so obvious and we had to somehow accept that they couldn’t figure it out. Also the way everyone in Dramas turn their back on bad guys who hate them and have access to weapons 🙂 . So dumb.

  22. damn this ending invoke the trauma i’ve experienced in real live high school shooting in the states many years ago….. i lost my classmates & teacher 🙁 damn now imma crawl aside & cry

  23. It so sad that the live action diverted somehow from the comics. The live action writers took some of the key elements from the manga but uses dramatic freedom on how the other students were killed (maybe because of budget issue in creating the cgi of rhe spheres?). Young soo had a melt down due to his selfishness, guilt and disillusions but he did not kill them all in the comics. Somehow the comics show more about the military politics on how the govt utilizes reservist by force to serve for common good amidst the tragedy and the hope of the remaining survivors after the war.

  24. The ending was so traumatising dont get me wrong i absolutely loved duty after school but the way it ended it was like they were rushing to get the show finished and done with i feel like it could of been a better ending instead of confusing and i wish we saw the other students who survived life after the whole tragedy of the spheres

  25. What a fucking waste of time!!. They had a great cast and a very good story to tell, first 8 episodes were fantastic, even does the convict’s part. But sadly, they decided to ruin it in the the last 2 episodes. Let’s be honest, the group had great shooters/snippers like Na-ra or Bo-ra and no one can’t kill one lunatic with a rifle, the one with the lowest gun-shot skills? But can manage shoot monsters with spiderman’s aerobics skills in the air?
    C’mon, The show runner’s should gave us a more realistic season finale. So disappointing…

  26. the drama was good but i think they all should be alive they all should survive it’s just so disappointing 😓 to see them dead the story could be more better and it’s too heartbreaking 💔 i hope season 2 will be good only 1-6 episodes were good (the all students should be alive in season 2)

  27. this drama os wortst than all of us are dead. the worst ending I have ever seen.
    if they killed by spheres it will be understanding but young soo killed them all it is really worst. I know that ypung soo is obsessed woth college because he is poor he hove to maintain his family siblings and he cannot afford another year for csat. but the writer made him villan. part 1 is all about spheres and part 2 all about friends problem trust issues etc

  28. the worst ending I have ever seen.
    if they killed by spheres it will be understanding but young soo killed them all it is really worst. I know that ypung soo is obsessed woth college because he is poor he hove to maintain his family siblings and he cannot afford another year for csat. but the writer made him villan. part 1 is all about spheres and part 2 all about friends problem trust issues etc

  29. I just finished watching the last episode and honestly it feels so disappointing. I was really invested on the show so I totally feel betrayed. Nara and Chi Yeol’s part wasn’t shown, Won Bin also didn’t appear, etc. It feels like they were rushing the show to end.

  30. its all about fighting the spheres..but why they make the last part worst…its like they just make a way to end the story faster..even won bin..we didnt hear anything about him in the last 4 episodes..what happen to him..i understand what they want to tell us..but they should think a much better way to show that..for me only episode 1-6 is worth watching..the others for me i think its the worst ending ever i ever watch in all kdrama..

  31. Was not happy with how it ended. The didn’t tell us what happened to sergeant won. Nara an the order girls were not showed what happened to them the remaining 12 or 15 minutes were not encouraging.overall it was worth watching let there be another season

  32. A lot of people are complaining about the ending however I think I made a lot of sense and it’ll have a great impact on us as viewers. They did a good job with Young-Soo and a lot of people are saying it’s unrealistic however it’s realistic. He went “crazy”, and it made sense he went on a rampage. Of course, I’m sad for the students bc they survived from the spheres, it was their friend that ended up killing them.

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