D.U.N.K. (DANCE UNIVERSE NEVER KILLED) Release Date & Where To Watch

Rapper SKY-HI (Mitsuhiro Hidaka) leads Japanese music and dance series kicking off on YouTube and featuring a wide range of artists and styles, offering a glimpse of the bright talent across the Japanese music industry.

What is D.U.N.K.?

D.U.N.K. (DANCE UNIVERSE NEVER KILLED) is a new platform for talent, bringing together some of the biggest names in the Japanese music industry. Based on the description, it’s somewhere between a music festival, a documentary and a reality piece, but not as we know it.

Rather than set up to compete, performers are invited to a massive cypher to meet, experiment, encourage each other and showcase their talents.

How did it happen?

Brainchild of Mitsuhiro Hidaka (SKY-HI), rapper, performer and CEO of entertainment management company BMSG, he seeks to create a more welcoming and collaborative experience for young entertainers. “In Japan, we have limited opportunities where vocal and dance groups from different labels or artist managements can collaborate and perform together across various venues. Now that it is available on YouTube with English subtitles, everyone can easily understand what we’ve been working toward. We wanted to create a unique and memorable experience together to give fans from around the world the opportunity to witness this incredible showcase and project.”

What will we get to see?

D.U.N.K. will feature performances as well as exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and collaborative projects between a diverse range of performers.

Who will we get to see?

Over the course of 10 episodes, you’ll see plenty of groups and solo artists performing, including members of &TEAM, Ayumi Imazu, BALLISTIK BOYZ, BE:FIRST, BULLET TRAIN, GENERATIONS, s**t kingz, ShowMinorSavage, and TOKYO GEGEGAY and more. Plus SKY-HI, of course.

Where Can I Watch?

Ah, that’s the beauty – we’ve got a link for you right here. Originally launched on Nippon TV and later moved to Hulu Japan, D.U.N.K. is now available on YouTube with English subtitles on a weekly release schedule for 10 episodes from 9pm on Saturday 13th May in Japan. In the UK, it will go live at 1pm on Saturday, May 13 and in the US at 8am EST.

Click here for Episode 1. Subscribe to D.U.N.K.’s YouTube channel to be ready for next week’s release.

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