Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023) Ending Explained – Does the group survive Sofina’s wrath?

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Plot Summary

In Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Edgin’s family is torn apart by his decision to be part of an honorable secret society. He tries to fix it through thievery but ends up in jail, separated from his daughter for two years. His journey to reunite his family has him pillaging sacred burial grounds, visiting the Underdark, fighting sorcerers, and more.

Will Edgin and his companions continue their quest?

In the last portion of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Theives, Edgin and his companions have just returned from the Underdark, and Simon is unable to attune to the Helmet of Disjunction, which means their quest was a failure. If they can’t use the helmet, then defeating Sofina and getting Edgin’s daughter back will be terribly difficult.

Doric and Simon are ready to give up when Edgin gives an encouraging speech. They decide to give it another try. They come up with a plan to use the hither thither-staff to sneak into Forge’s fortress. Through some creative antics and after Simon finally attunes to the helmet by having some self-confidence, the team makes it in.

Once inside, Edgin finds Keira; he apologizes for being a lousy father and asks her to come with him. Kira starts laughing, and a tentacle wraps around Edgin. It was Sofina all along, disguised as Kira. Forge comes in, and Edgin pleads for himself and the others to be put in the High Sun Games rather than have Sofina kill them with her tentacle. Forge and Sofina decide to allow it.

Do our heroes survive the High Sun games?

Edgin, Holga, Simon, and Doric find themselves in a hole in the floor of the arena. Magic-restricting bracelets have been placed on Doric and Simon’s wrists. The bottom of their floor pushes to the surface, and the game begins.

A maze is in the center of the arena, and Edgin, his companions, and other prisoners run toward the maze. A panther-like creature that can make a projection of itself is let loose and chases the contestants. In the maze, there are chests with weapons and with monsters. Doric manages to get an axe and hacks off a monster’s tongue that wrapped itself around Holga‘s leg. Then Doric nearly gets caught in a gel-like block of acid. Her hand gets stuck and Holga pulls her out, but her magic-restricting bracelet is left behind.

After being chased by the panther creature, they get to the middle of the maze, where a safe cage awaits them. They choose not to go inside but follow Doric’s lead to an acid block. They all get on the block right before the game ends. The block goes under the ground, and Doric transforms into a snake and crawls out of the block. She transforms into a human and pulls them out just in time, before their flesh gets burned off.

Does Edgin get Kira back?

Under the arena, Edgin finds a key to unlock Simon’s bracelet, and they find the tablet of awakening on Forge’s get-away boat, along with all of the other treasure that Forge is hoarding. They wait for Forge and Kira to arrive and surprise them. Forge holds a knife to Kira’s throat and threatens to kill her if they don’t get off of his boat.

Thankfully, Holga throws a nearby potato at his face, causing him to fall and release Kira. Kira joins them, and Forge is left in their wake.

As they are sailing away, the group see tendrils of death clouds forming over the city. They sail back, and the death clouds begin to poison anyone they touch.

Simon uses the hither dither stick to transport Forge’s treasure to a hot air balloon that is flying overhead. The treasure pours out, and the citizens happily grab what they can for themselves. This also draws the citizens away from Sofina’s poisonous clouds.

Does the group survive Sofina’s wrath?

Sofina realizes what they did and starts sending fireballs at them. Doric turns into an owl-bear and starts attacking Sofina. Sofina brings a nearby stone dragon to life, and the whole team tries to fight it until it eventually plants its jaws into the ground, over Edgin’s (still alive) head.

Sofina puts Edgina and Holga in a bubble while she creates a huge, floating, fleshy, red hand to send after Doric and Simon. But Simon creates his own giant hand made of stone to stop it. The hands fight each other. Edgin and Holga’s bubble breaks. Sofina’s hand flings Simon into the air, but his own hand catches him. All four of them start ganging up on Sofina.

Sofina creates a time stop, and everyone stands frozen except for her. She turns into a creepy skeletal being and walks toward Edgin, speaking threateningly. Edgin unfreezes her and tells her that her breath is bad. All of a sudden, a magic-restricting bracelet is placed on Sofina’s arm. Kira appears.  She used her invisibility necklace to sneak up on Sofina and put the bracelet on her. Simon had prevented Sofina’s time stop.

Doric, still and owl-bear, smashes Sofina’s body around until she dies.

Does Edgin manage to bring his wife back?

The team realizes Holga is not with them. They see that she is sitting down by a fountain with a knife in her chest. It is a red sorcerer’s poison blade, which means that there is no cure for her. Edgin and Holga sing a ballad together as she dies.

Edgin takes out the tablet of awakening that he planned to use for his wife’s revival, but with Kira’s agreement, says a spell and uses the tablet to bring Holga back instead.

They all live happily ever after—except for Forge, of course, who goes to jail and tries unsuccessfully to escape.

What is the deeper meaning of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among thieves?

Throughout the film, Kira and Edgin have some mistrust between them. Edgin had left her to get the tablet of awakening two years prior. But his inability to let go of his wife clouded his reasoning and priorities. Kira felt abandoned.

When Holga dies, Edgin realizes that Kira never knew her mother and that he would be bringing her back more for himself. He realizes that Kira knew Holga all her life and that Holga helped raise her. When he decides to use the tablet on Holga, Kira and Edgin’s relationship is re-established.

Kira knows that this is a choice that he is making for her, and she trusts him again and feels like she is the most important person to him again.


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