Dungeon People – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

A Person in the Dungeon

Episode 1 of Dungeon People begins with our protagonist Clay getting lectured by her father about dungeons and the monsters that lurk in them. Several years pass. Clay’s battling a Cerberus-like creature in a random dungeon. Simultaneously, Clay informs the audience that her father vanished in the dungeon. Clay defeats the monster and obtains a gem from it. 

She then reflects on some wisdom her thieves’ guild allies gave her. Clay says past low-and-high-grade adventurers have only reached this dungeon’s seventh floor. She confirms this dungeon resides in a place called Antomurg. Clay refers to this dungeon’s monster as the eighth floor’s guardian, meaning she overcame an obstacle others could not.

However, Clay feels she hasn’t reached her father’s level and wonders what floor her father reached before vanishing. Clay senses a trio of goblins in the area and hides behind a wall. She says monsters start forming pacts around the sixth floor. Clay throws a gem in front of the Goblin trio. While they’re distracted, she assassinates one of the weaker goblin members. 

Then, she uses her special dagger to exterminate the remaining goblins. They transform into gems and Clay collects them. Clay says it’s common for monsters to turn into gems. She argues that many adventurers opt to slay monsters rather than search for treasure chests. Clay stumbles upon a door and opens it. She greets and fights a minotaur guardian. 

During Clay’s fight with the minotaur guardian, the walls collapse behind them. Both combatants are shocked by this development. The two discuss this debacle briefly and the minotaur guardians tell Clay to look behind the cracked wall. The two spot a room in the dungeon and the minotaur guardian says it’s a private room.

Clay questions the room’s existence and senses a strong aura from the private room’s entrance. A girl enters the private room. She is surprised that the dungeon’s wall collapsed. The girl greets the minotaur guardian, asks him to return to his post, and questions if he is chatting with Clay. The minotaur guardian acts coy and starts speaking like a normal bull. 

The girl knows what the minotaur guardian is trying to do and questions him further. The minotaur guardian tells the girl the truth. The girl understands, confronts Clay, and asks Clay to accompany her somewhere so she can explain what happened. Clay’s hesitant to trust the girl but the girl tells Clay everything will be fine since they’re exploring the residential quarters. 

The two sit somewhere and the girl introduces herself as Beillehelia Langdass. Langdass confirms she’s the dungeon’s manager and tells Clay she’s familiar with her craft because of her position and sensory capabilities. Then, Langdass asks Clay to work for her. Langdass says she’d ask someone else from the explorers’ guild but knows everyone can’t conquer the seventh floor. 

Clay ponders the dungeon’s design and Langdass’s position. She asks Langdass if she’s the dungeon’s boss. Langdass says she is the dungeon’s final boss. Clay asks Langdass if she can challenge her. If the former wins, Langdass must let her leave. If Clay loses, she’ll work for Langdass. Langdass doesn’t mind but warns Clay that she won’t hold back.

Clay ponders her father’s expedition in this dungeon and wonders if he made it past the tenth floor. She theorizes her father lost to Langdass. Clay wants to ask Langdass about her father but knows she may not be satisfied by her response. Langdass teleports herself and Clay to the dungeon’s final room. Langdass summons her staff and tells Clay she plans to fight her unencumbered.

Clay attacks Langdass, using everything she’s learned from her father and her dungeon travels to assist her. Langdass is impressed by Clay’s tactics. The former backs away and uses a spell on Clay. Clay falls in battle and wakes up in bed seconds later. Langdass greets Clay and says they’re in her bedroom. She tells Clay that she fixed the wall from earlier and they’re on the eleventh floor.

Langdass reminds Clay that she must work for her because the latter lost. Clay asks Langdass if Clay’s a dungeon boss now. Langdass says Clay will be handling the dungeon’s operations and won’t serve as a boss. She says not all dungeons are the same. Additionally, Langdass says Clay will perform tasks like restocking slimes, repairing traps, and interviewing monsters for jobs.

Clay understands but tells Langdass that her dungeon job might affect her job position in the thieves’ guild. Langdass tells Clay not to worry about that as she plans to speak with someone from Clay’s guild. Langdass hands Clay her contract and Clay’s surprised about the payment rates. Additionally, Langdass says she doesn’t mind paying her that much.

The episode ends with Clay stating how she can’t believe she’ll be working as a dungeon employee.  

The Episode Review

While some were sad to see Delicious In Dungeon go last month, the Summer of 2024 Anime Season delivers another seemingly enjoyable dungeon series for people to watch. Enter Dungeon People, a show that kicks matters off with juicy dungeon lore, fine action, and some wholesome and comedic chatter among its two leads, Clay and Langdass. 

For now, this anime gives off major cozy vibes that you’d receive from media like Animal Crossing, Laid-Back Camp, and other slice-of-life-oriented media. Additionally, the first episode alludes to Clay fighting off fellow adventurers who enter the dungeon. It’ll be interesting to see her use her exceptional know-how of dungeon exploration to foil new or old-school adventurers who explore this environment. 

Also, this episode wonderfully showcases Clay’s feats on and off the battleground. From her sharp sensory skills to her excellent strategies, she has the potential to be as formidable as Langdass in the future. Although we got glimpses of what type of training she endured with her father, it would’ve been great if the show gave us more glimpses of that. 

Additionally, we’re hoping Clay’s goal of finding her father doesn’t get tossed aside in favor of funny housekeeping dungeon segments. Although sequences like that could provide solid laughs, there’s a possibility the show’s protagonist will lose sight of her main agenda. Overall, this was a fun introductory episode of Dungeon People.

I’m interested to see what occurs next between Clay and her co-workers. 


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