Driveways – Into The Past | Album Review

Track Listing

Into the Past
Lions on the Beach
Lights on Long Island
Fog Machines
Burning Bright


This is an in-depth album full of anecdotes about the past and the downsides of life. Driveways is a band trying to rid themselves of the ghosts that parade too, and the old flames that come in and then leave again. There are only 8 songs on this release, but they all interconnect on a seamless level, with the lyrics spearheading unnerving moments.

These moments create tension within the album’s concept, and while they’re there to shock, emotion comes in too to soften the blows.

Into The Past bares all, and Driveways expertly portray their feelings through songs which are thought-provoking and insightful. It may not be for everyone, as this record explores depression, busted dreams, and the overbearing feelings of self-deprecation. The band just want to feel whole and to feel the sunlight on their faces and the warmth of someone else’s touch.

It’s an honest album that conjures up so many memories – good and bad – for a band which has the talent to break away. They’re lyricists of the highest degree too, spreading their feelings like wings and they don’t hold back or let themselves become jaded, even when the world becomes a mundane place where hopes are in limbo.

There are 8 songs to consider here which are all interconnected. ‘Salem’ starts with energy and a tightly constructed guitar riff. The vocal work isn’t gritty, though it details woes and ghosts. Souls have been ripped from the underground.

‘Lights On Long Island’ begins with another well-made guitar riff, and the vocals again describe in a such a poetic fashion the darkness they harbour. The lyrics are spellbinding, and the song truly highlights lost love.

‘Burning Bright’ is a swansong conveying death and burdens, along with the need to fight. That progressive guitar riff adds stability and rhythm, while the lyrics again are intelligently put.

Driveways deliver an honest album with Into The Past, showcasing that they’re a band seeing the world differently which they have portrayed through their art, depressive times and smashed hope.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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