Dream State – Untethered | Album Review

Track Listing 

Comfort In Chaos
Taunt Me
Chain Reactions


Untethered is the heaviest record that Dream State has designed, and it’s a sheer delight in the most unconventional way, binding heavy guitar riffs and ferocious vocal work. Although there are only 3 songs, the EP packs an almighty punch in terms of musicality and lyrical adeptness. This band has the armoury of songs to put them up on a top pedestal.

Although the songs are ferocious in guitar trickery, underneath it all there are poignant lyrics spiking through as anecdotes which point to struggle and hardship. Poetic wording is fundamental to this band, and they’ve become serious about their artistry musically and lyrically, developing a sound which isn’t for the easy listener, though emotion connects here on a high level.

The EP is loud, and raucous to say the least, and every moment has its place, every lyric fits, and every scream is powerful. The band also want to see the world mend itself, but that won’t happen until everyone comes together as a force to aid the reconstruction.

Untethered starts with ‘Comfort In Chaos’, and it’s a trailblazer, breaking through like an infectious rash. The vocals are blistering and the guitar riffs are technical in their delivery, while the lyrics infuse the scene and the story. It’s a volatile beginning.

‘Taunt Me’ begins with those trademark riffs and the vocals edge close to breaking. The chorus is brilliantly woven, and the themes play on lost love and anxiety. Such a commanding song, and one that has so many technical values.

‘Chain Reactions’ stirs the emotions, evolving at every opportunity. The vocals impact the song and draw out raw forms of anger. It’s another rage fuelled but emotive winner from a band so incredibly focused.

Dream State deliver their angriest record yet, and though there’s only 3 songs it still is relevant and meaningful.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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