Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale – K-drama Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Self Love

Episode 10 of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale begins with Jae-rim thinking that she is unloveable. She starts crying after she sees Cha-min’s letter where he writes that she is not Cinderella but a warrior. In a flashback, we see that her mom leaves her. When her father dies, she cries alone as she feels she is not part of the step-family.

But Cha-min helped her see that she was in pain because she couldn’t love herself. She also recalls that as a child, her dream was to be courageous like Prince Charming. She picks herself up and gets ready for work. Secretary Heo suddenly calls her and reveals that the club has been shut down. 

How do Jae-rim and Cha-min get back together?

Jae-rim gets down to business as she first rejects Do-hong. She apologises to him as she has feelings for someone else and tells him to be proud of his BL novels. He has helped her enough but she trusts herself to find a job. Well, she doesn’t get anywhere as most places require a portfolio. She did complete the storyboard for Do-hong’s latest movie but she didn’t ask him for copies.

She is taken out of her reverie as she suddenly starts hallucinating Cha-min. He doesn’t leave no matter how hard she tries. While taking a walk, she shoos away an obnoxious couple with his umbrella and wonders if he is homeless. She imagines women giving him money since they find him handsome.

She ends up thinking about their memories together fondly and finds herself at the club. She spots someone rummaging and attacks with Cha-min’s umbrella. However, it turns out to be Cha-min himself who was busy searching for the engagement ring he lost when Dan-a’s father attacked the club. 

Jae-rim helps him up and decides that it is now or never – she confesses that she likes him which shocks him as he is not rich anymore. She declares that they can be two poor people in love. He kisses her and they profess their love for each other.

Finally, he gives her the engagement ring and apologises for not being her Prince Charming. She doesn’t mind as she can be his Prince Charming and the breadwinner. She treats him to a meal and takes him home where her step-family fawns over him. He introduces himself as Jae-rim’s boyfriend and the step-family winks at her and runs into the bedroom to give them privacy. 

As Jae-rim makes his bed in the hall, he pulls her in and they kiss. He asks if they should go to his place and she is shocked to learn he is not homeless. Turns out, he only followed her home cause he missed her. In the morning, Cha-min is embarrassed as the step-family finds them asleep together. As they eat breakfast, step-sister #2, Hwa-jin is annoyed to learn that his favourite dish is the same as hers and they end up competing on who eats the most.

What happens to Mr. Moon and Dan-a?

Next, Cha-min visits his dad, Mr. Moon and states that he loves him even if he has been cut off. He tells his dad to stop being pitiful and to live his days happily with the one he loves. Cha-min leaves and we see Mr. Moon’s ex-wife, Lily arriving. Moon acts angry but is secretly pleased to see her. He ends up handing his business over to Cha-min as he wants to focus on Lily.

Next, we see Cha-min’s ex, Dan-a going to the shaman to wish for a loyal but handsome boyfriend. They spot Jae-rim’s talisman as she forgot to take it which means her wish never came true. But it doesn’t matter as she has found her Prince Charming. 

Does Jae-rim get her happy ending?

That’s not all as a channel producer calls Jae-rim and offers her an animated project after seeing her storyboard for Do-hong. She is over the moon as she rushes to Cha-min to share the good news. She finally understands her father’s final words of telling her to find a loving partner to be successful. 

It cuts to 6 months later where we see her doting on her step-mother, So-ra who gives birth to a girl. Later, we see that Jae-rim and Cha-min have gotten an apartment together where she is working on the animated project. He sulks whenever she doesn’t give him attention and she always makes time for him. 

At the end of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 10, Jae-rim, Cha-min, Do-hong, and the club’s staff reunite to watch Jae-rim’s animated movie together. It is the short Cinderella prologue that we see at the beginning of each episode with the narrator declaring that everyone is bound to get their happy ever after.

The Episode Review

And with Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 10, the show comes to an end. Phew, that was a wild ride. We got a lot of goofiness, physical comedy and chaos with a dash of misunderstanding and angst. The previous episode was a mess but glad to see the writers get back their groove and give the K-drama the finale it deserves. Jae-rim is able to love herself and confidently go after Cha-min as she knows he returns her feelings.

All of the characters also get their closure including Dan-a and Cha-min’s dad. We do wish they had not skipped over Jae-rim working with Do-hong as it would have been cool to see their friendship. But apart from that, the finale is able to give us a good mix of comedy and drama while sticking to the Cinderella theme as our main couple gets a happy ending.

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