Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Prince And The Pauper

Episode 7 of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale begins with the narrator sharing that Jae-rim hates men who confuse her. At present, Jae-rim ties the men who try to reason with Cha-min. They reveal their identities and claim they were just trying to teach someone ugly like Jae-rim a lesson. Angry, Jae-rim shaves their eyebrows and threatens to share it online if they come after her again.

Once she and Cha-min leave, Jae-rim gets teary-eyed as she realises that he cares for her. He apologises for everything and it turns light-hearted as she jokes that it is the consequence of being a femme fatale. She is impressed that he found her and he reveals he is always prepared for a kidnapping. As a kid, he was kidnapped by his nanny but escaped with the umbrella which is why he always carries it around.

She jokes that she is useless with a mace, let alone an umbrella, and thanks him for helping her. His feelings for her get stronger and he wants to confess but he lets her go.

Jae-rim believes he likes her but isn’t confessing because she is below his league. She wants someone who welcomes her. Unfortunately, she enters home to a row. The family has learned that Dr. Gu paid Jae-rim to get close to Su-jin. But he has been seen hitting on other women as well and only wants to marry a doctor.

Hwa-jin confronts Jae-rim and calls her selfish. So-ra makes it worse by adding that it is her fault for raising Jae-rim the wrong way. Jae-rim is hurt and goes in another tangent as she apologises for trying to be a part of their family. Hwa-jin slaps her for getting cheeky and Jae-rim moves out.

Cha-min confronts Dan-a who pretends to give the kidnapping order to seem threatening. But it backfires as he will break up with her if she crosses the line again. She ends up lashing out at her uncles.

As for Jae-rim, she moves to her old home which is a town away. It is dilapidated, barren, nothing works and she freezes all night. In the morning, she is late to work. Cha-min is worried and makes all the employees take self-defence lessons. Jae-rim, of course, decides to take him down as she hates men who toy with her feelings. He pushes her to show one move and she pushes back to demonstrate what she has learned. They start pushing and hitting each other.

Well, Do-hong shows up and talks glowingly about their studio date and a jealous Cha-min walks off. Alone, Do-hong tells Jae-rim that he likes her as she accepts all of him. His offer to work on his next script still stands. But Jae-rim is confused as Do-hong outwardly accepts her but she doesn’t know his end game. While Chamin clearly likes her but is not saying it aloud.

Meanwhile, Cha-min’s overactive imagination has him thinking Do-hong and Jae-rim are making out. He checks in on her and tells her not to get with greasy men like Do-hong. She tries to check his opinions on class and he finds it absurd as it’s not her fault for being poor. In fact, he warns to stay away from Do-hong if he has a classist mindset.

She doesn’t believe Cha-min and to test him, she brings him home to see if he can survive. Both start regretting it but he has camping supplies and they camp outside the house. They get talking and she reveals that her step-family isn’t bad. Instead, Jae-rim feels that she is incompetent, greedy and a troublemaker. Cha-min comforts her that she is just a kid who needs love but has been stuck with a lens of hatred which he hopes to remove. She realises that she pushed away the people who tried to love her like So-ra. 

At that moment, Dan-a calls but Cha-min doesn’t pick up. Without her lens of hate, Jae-rim realises that he isn’t avoiding her because of their class but because of his own complicated situation. 

Elsewhere, Hwa-jin beats up Dr. Gu for messing with her family. She is annoyed that he tried to win them over with beef and he reveals that it was Jae-rim who bought it. She got all the other gifts too but told him to pretend it is by him since she thought the family would be uncomfortable. Hwa-jin is furious with him. She raised Jae-rim to be strong so she will pay him back the one grand after which they don’t owe him anything.

The snow gets worse and Jae-rim and Cha-min head inside. With only one blanket to share, he tells her to go to his place as they shouldn’t sleep together. Despite a heavy snow alert, he refuses to back out. She feels bad and promises to stay but jokes that the house is so old, that it could break and freeze them to death any time. That’s the deal breaker as his overimagination has him taking her and rushing to his place.

At his place, she tries to take a hot bath but is unable to shut the fancy tap. She ends up having to call Cha-min who gets unnerved. He is distracted by her and he falls. She tries to stop him and well, they both fall and accidentally kiss. They start making out but it turns out to be all in Cha-min’s head. In reality, they both blush because of the accidental kiss and he runs out as he tries to control his heartbeat. 

At that moment, Jae-rim gets a call from Hwa-jin who calls her over for dinner. Turns out the family is worried for her and So-ra even rushes to make fresh side dishes for Jae-rim. At the end of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 7, Jae-rim is about to leave when Cha-min pulls at her robe and asks her to stay.

The Episode Review

Alright, we see the writers’ game… Even though we are in the second half of the show, Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 7 continues with the same goofy tone while furthering the plot. Honestly, no one does consistency like this K-drama and they are just so good at it. We continue to get the Cinderella theme, the sad reality of both characters, the satire bit as this chapter questions love triangles and the light-hearted comedy that really ties everything together. 

Now, it feels like the show isn’t long enough even though we know 10 episodes is just right when it comes to the story’s progression. Because we would pay good money to see Cha-min’s delulu fantasies every single Friday forever. Jun-young really is the definition of born to be a princess, forced to be a sadistic villain. Give him more rom-coms!

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