Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Fairy Godmother

Episode 6 of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale begins with the narrator saying that act two begins. Staff member Guk-jin claims that if Cha-min likes Jae-rim, he will not say no to a second kiss.

At present, Cha-min fights his instincts and steps back from the kiss. He not only pushes her to go to Do-hong’s studio but also offers to be her Fairy Godmother by buying her the right outfit. At the store, he is super enthusiastic and Jae-rim believes he is not interested in her.

They end up bickering as usual as he criticizes her fashion taste and buys her everything he prefers. In the shopping bags, he leaves a letter that she should wear the stuff she likes for him as only he can handle her bad fashion taste. Ah, the classic tease-your-crush move.

However, he cannot stop thinking about the almost-second kiss and regrets backing out. He wants to interrupt her studio date as her fairy godmother but accidentally calls Young-bae. The secretary shares newfound gossip that Do-hong is a womanizer and he has slept with all the women in his past clubs. A worried Cha-min heads to Do-hong’s studio.

At the studio, Do-hong spouts wisdom that his parents supported him and helped him do what he loves. He will help Jae-rim too as he asks her to make a storyboard for his next film. She keeps thinking about Cha-min and he tells her not to talk about her boss since he likes her. He is about to kiss her and she steps back. They hear a noise and it is his brother who had sneaked in

The brothers have a tense confrontation as it seems that Do-hongs sends money to his family and the brother seems to go through money quickly. The brother tells Jae-rim that Do-hong is lying and that he became rich by writing BL (boy love) novels. Jae-rim puts him in his place as there is nothing wrong with it and he leaves. Do-hong is still ashamed and asks her to keep it a secret as the elite won’t let people like them in. She tells him to be true to himself and leaves.

Cha-min is waiting outside and he calls her phone when he sees her. She is confused about what men want and cuts his call. He is dying to know what happened as he waits at work early next day but she brushes past him.

Trouble shows up in the form of Dan-a as she apologises to Jae-rim for Cha-min’s kiss. She claims that they made a bet to help Jae-rim get her Prince Charming as it is like watching a fun dating show. But Dan-a does want to scold Cha-min for crossing the line. Jae-rim bites back that she is fine with it and that Cha-min is a good kisser. Alone, Dan-a is furious and her mantra to chant luxury brands to calm down doesn’t work as she screams Prada.

Unfortunately, Jae-rim is affected by Dan-a’s words as she realises that Cha-min is treating her like a toy. He spots her looking pensive and worries that something might have happened to her at Dohong’s. She calls him out for toying with her and making fun of her constantly. He apologises as he simply wants to help but she tells him to stay out of her business.

Meanwhile, Dan-a lashes out at her uncles because of Jae-rim and tells them to get hot bread from the other side of twon. They want to become their own bosses and decide to do it by kidnapping Jae-rim to make Dan-a happy.

Of course, the kidnapping is chaotic as Jae-rim accidentally maces herself and the uncles are so hungry they leave her tied up and alone. She tries to use Siri to call 911 but it doesn’t understand her and ends up calling her friend, Sun-jeong.

Turns out, she was supposed to meet Sun-jeong after work. Worried, Sun-jeong ends up at Chungdam and runs into Cha-min. He tries to stay out of Jae-rim’s business and simply gives Sun-jeong company. Just as she tries to hit on him, Jae-rim calls. She describes her location as an abandoned makgeolli factory and Cha-min knows just the place. As he rushes to her, a flashback shows him getting kidnapped as well as a child. 

At the site, the uncles promise to let Jae-rim go if she promises to quit Chungdam. She refuses as it is difficult to get a job (a valid reason ngl). They threaten to shave her head which would make it difficult for her to marry and she gives in. But just then, Cha-min shows up and knocks the two men out with his umbrella. He hugs a surprised Jae-rim at the end of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 6.

The Episode Review

This K-drama truly happens to be a dark horse. Who could have suspected that this lowkey rom-com would end up hitting all the right notes? Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 6 doesn’t lose its goofiness but does dial it down as we enter the second act of the show. But like any series, we need some conflict and progress, right?

Well, This chapter gives it to us in the form of Do-hong’s personal drama, Jae-rim’s kidnapping and Cha-min’s sad backstory. But despite these plot points being super angsty on paper, the execution is done wittily without making fun of the trauma. It is the way these people react that keeps it lighthearted. The show keeps surprising us in a good way as we wonder if it can stay consistent in its novel tone. And so far, so good.

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