Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale – K-drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Prince Charming’s Bet

Episode 2 of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale begins with the narrator saying that not all princes are charming and kind. Instead, Cha-min is more like the evil queen who breaks the mirror for lying that he is not handsome.

At present, Jae-rim’s shoe hits his head. He thinks she is after his money and the hit was intentional. They bicker over who is right and both instantly hate each other. She pushes him down the stairs and then saves him to shut him up. She walks off all cocky only to see that he is the boss when she enters the interview room.

Of course, he refuses to consider her and she curses him. He walks off with his umbrella and it is revealed that he uses it as a shield should anyone stab him in the back.

Jae-rim and her friend, Son-jung get drunk as they wonder over their misfortune. Meanwhile, Cha-min hangs out with his friends but cannot stop thinking about Jae-rim. He calls her weird but his friends realise that he is falling for her. He refuses but he starts seeing her everywhere that night and is unable to sleep.

Jae-rim’s cannot pay her bills and wonders what to do next. Cha-min calls her saying that she’s got the job since he was worried that she would curse him to death. She is ecstatic while he blushes at the thought of working with her. He ends up doing a fashion show for himself as he wonders what to wear for her first day. 

At the club, she is suddenly polite but he prefers someone without a filter. She wastes no time in pointing out that his belt looks like a chastity belt. Next, he makes the staff play a game to reveal their hidden desires and she screams Cinderella. He finds her weird while the staff are worried – her predecessor had a Cinderella story as she ended up marrying one of their rich clients and leaving. 

He confronts Jae-rim who confesses that she is using the job to marry well. He hates opportunists and wants to fire her but agrees to a showdown. They head to Han River and make a bet – the one who drinks more wins. As usual, they each believe that they will win. It cuts to the stepsisters drinking barrels of alcohol and commenting that Jae-rim is a lightweight.

At present, she tries to stall by suggesting arm wrestling but she is barely able to budge. She notices that Cha-min has a missing fingernail and it cuts to him falling on the street alone. He is startled and tells her to get on with the drinking. Once she starts drinking, she is like a human black hole. As for Cha-min, he can barely stand two gulps and loses. He is already tipsy but agrees to keep her on board. 

They get to talking, and he claims that people who are honest about their feelings are easily scammed. She feels sad for him and he deflects. They continue to drink and he has a good time. However, she needs to pee and wonders how to get rid of her jerk of a boss. She drinks up everything to wrap things up but that turns out to be a bad move as she cannot hold it any longer.

He realises what is going on and they have a dramatic farewell as he promises not to leave her side and she begs him to leave her alone. He even offers his umbrella as a cover. He almost leaves before picking her up and running a mile to the nearest public restroom. He is exhausted and tells her to stay strong as she crawls her way inside. 

Back to reality, she sees that he is waiting for her outside. She is touched and impressed by how he came to her rescue. But she awkwardly makes her way out to him as she is embarrassed. He is amused but they are interrupted by a glittery dressed girl. She stalks up to them and introduces herself as Cha-min’s fiancee at the end of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 2.

The Episode Review

We love loser men who are so down bad for their girl. With K-drama fans suffering from Lovely Runner withdrawals, Cha-min is a pretty strong contender for our new Sun-jae. Of course, the fiancee angle is going to be a chaebol arranged marriage situation but we are so down for a couple of more overdramatic reactions!

The satire really is top-notch and we didn’t expect this from a freaky little web series literally called Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella at one point. But it does it well, from making fun of the usual melodrama tropes to cleverly using actual rom-com storylines while still being aware of the irony. 

The last half of Dreaming of a Freaking Fairytale Episode 2 with the overdramatic acting, the music and the sepia tone was all hilarious. But we will be honest, this childish humour, the intentional hammy retelling and the silly plot twists aren’t for everybody. If goofy rom-coms are your cup of tea, you will be laughing non-stop. Otherwise, you are better off watching a more subtle and serious romance like The Midnight Romance in Hagwon.

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