Dr. Death – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Fog” Recap & Review

The Fog

Dr. Death Season 2 Episode 6 starts in Krasnodor, Russia, in 2014. Paolo announces he will operate to improve lives and conduct trials on young adults in a speech in front of people. Dr. Ana Lasbrey has joined Paolo in Russia to assist him. 

We meet Yulia Tuulik who has come from St. Petersburg to take part in the trial and Ana prepares her for the procedure by extracting bone marrow from her hip. She will receive a new trachea after she was in a car crash and suffered severe injuries. 

In New York – a heartbroken Benita cancels her wedding and begins investigating Paolo off her own back. He seems to have lied about everything, even his marital status. Benita’s daughter, Lizzi, is upset at the breakup and wants her mother to fix it. She says she can’t but doesn’t hurt her by revealing why. She concludes that the entire world thinks Paolo is a miracle man, and it’s all because of her. 

Stockholm 2013 – Anders and Nate try to figure out a way to stop Paolo in his tracks. They learn Paolo is writing a paper on his so-called successful transplant of Yesim, claiming to be a rockstar surgeon and profiting from her pain. 

Paolo meets with Yulia and shows her the new trachea. He uses Andermarian Bayen as an example of a successful procedure and claims that he is thriving two years after his surgery.

In Italy, Benita speaks to a man who paid Paolo his life savings to get his sick wife closer to the top of the donor list only to be ignored by the doctor when she passed away before he could operate (this is the same guy they previously saw in Italy who confronted Paolo).

Ana tells Paolo that Yulia’s tracheas are defective, too soft, and have several holes in them, making them unusable. Ana becomes disillusioned with Paolo when he insists on continuing the elective surgery on Yulia even if the plastic trachea isn’t a correct match. Paolo announces he will not postpone to conduct more research. 

Ana tries to dissuade Yulia from having the surgery, but she wants to proceed with it. Ana tells her she’s being used as a human guinea pig, and Yulia eventually agrees to wait. Ana then leaves Russia and Paolo behind. 

Benita and Kim Verdi travel to Barcelona and go to the address Benita and Paolo were supposed to move to after the wedding, but they end up in an empty lot.

They eventually find Paolo’s address, and Benita goes in and snoops around. Kim waits in the car as a lookout. Paolo and his wife and two children come back, and she hides. Kim knocks on the door and distracts Paolo, giving Benita the chance to escape out of the house. She returns to the car and they drive off. 

The episode ends with Ana going back to Karolinska, where she finds out Paolo’s first patient, Andermarian Bayene, has just died, with his wife by his side. His wife agrees to an autopsy, and Ana, Nate and Anders join forces to investigate. Ana uses her credentials to get them into the morgue, and they observe Andermarian’s transplant post-mortem. It is revealed to be a complete botch job. 

The Episode Review

There are some beautiful locations in this episode, with Benita going to Italy to investigate Paolo’s past. It’s easy to see why Benita fell for Paolo with all the globe-trotting he promised her, and it’s heartbreaking when she discovers the place they were supposedly going to live was no more than an empty lot.

The highlight of the episode is a brilliantly constructed escape mission from Paolo’s house he has in Barcelona with his wife and two children, as Benita’s loyal friend Kim comes to the rescue when Benita is hiding and gets stuck in the house. 

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