D.P. – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Day

Episode 6 of D.P. Season 2 starts with Sung-woo holding Jun-ho hostage. He recalls how Jun-ho has ruined his life after he was kicked out of the military and returned to destroy Jun-ho. In the same room, Min-u tries to fix the USB drive and is shocked to learn that Jun-ho has already switched the drive with a fake. Min-u is furious at Jun-ho for wasting so much of their time.

What does Ho-yeol do to help Jun-ho?

Du-gwan reprimands Ho-yeol, Beom-gu, and Gi-yeong for teaming up with a deserter and for allowing him to run away. He suspends Gi-yeong for siding with the D.P. team. Ho-yeol decides to voluntarily discharge from the army in order to help find Jun-ho. He talks to Du-gwan in private and instigates him to reveal how Brigadier Ja-woon and Warrant Officer Min-u were corrupt.

Ho-yeol is called to meet Ja-woon in person at the church. There, Ha-yeol threatens to release the voice recording where Du-gwan accuses them of being corrupt. Ha-yeol asks Ja-woon to release Jun-ho and halt the arrest warrant against him if he wanted the real flash drive back. He tells the soldier that Jun-ho’s safety is his priority.

What happens to Sung-woo?

Min-u calls Sung-woo and asks him to free Jun-ho instead of taking him to the military jail. As Sung-woo drives back to base camp in frustration, Jun-ho frees himself out of the handcuffs and attacks Sung-woo, leading the car to crash. Both men are injured in the process but Jun-ho manages to flee while Sung-woo is still trapped in the car.

What does Beom-gu tell Hye-yeon and Ha-yeol?

Hye-yeon shows up at the military base to meet Jun-ho but finds Beom-gu there. She discusses Woo-suk’s death and is shocked to learn the truth about what happened to her brother in the military. Beom-gu reveals that Jun-ho blames himself for what happened to Woo-suk and how it affected the soldier for the last year.

The two discuss what they can do to change the system while Hye-yeon breaks down, recalling the plight of her family after Woo-suk’s death. She asks Beom-gu if it’s right for Ru-ri to be punished despite what he’s going through. That night, Jun-ho shows up outside his house and talks to his mother.

His mother asks him to talk to Beom-gu and rejoin the military but he promises to come back as soon as he’s finished what he’s doing. Jun-ho gives Beom-gu a call and learns that Hye-yeon is with him. Meanwhile, Ha-yeol goes to the shop where the flash drive was repaired and asks about Jun-ho. Beom-gu calls and asks him to find Jun-ho because he’s confirmed to be a deserter now.

What goes on during the hearing?

Before the first hearing of Ru-ri’s trial, Ja-woon threatens Eun. He claims that there’s nothing she can do to save Ru-ri because he’s not going to testify in court. The public outrage against Ru-ri intensifies as the masses ask him to be incarcerated. However, Ji-seop shows up and promises to fight with Eun.

Once Ja-woon leaves, Ji-seop asks her to hold off till the flash drive is brought to the courtroom safely. The hearing starts and Ja-woon and Eun present their sides respectively. While Ja-woon claims that the military was not to be blamed for the deaths of the soldiers when it’s Ru-ri to be blamed.

Eun argues that Ru-ri was tortured by his seniors and the military heads did not take notice of that and many other similar bullying issues leading to the death of soldiers. Eun recalls the different cases that were dismissed because the military wanted to sweep the issues under the rug. Ja-woon tries to paint a negative picture of Ru-ri, claiming that he killed his friends intentionally.

Does Ha-yeol find Jun-ho?

Ha-yeol finally meets Jun-ho and asks him to hand over the USB drive. He tries to arrest Jun-ho but Sung-woo shows up out of the blue. Both Ho-yeol and Jun-ho start fighting Sung-wooo. In the meantime, Min-u follows after Hye-yeon to find the real location of the flash drive.

During their scuffle, Ho-yeol, Jun-ho and Sung-woo end up on the highway. Sung-woo beats Jun-ho up but Jun-ho apologises for what had happened due to his carelessness. Ho-yeol manages to knock Sang-woo out and pleads with Jun-ho. Both men are exhausted from the fight but Ho-yeol is shocked when Jun-ho confesses that he doesn’t have the USB. 

Who is Eun’s prime witness?

Instead of calling Ru-ri to the stand, Eun calls Ji-seop for questions. The soldier tries his best to drag the testimony out as he details in order to buy them time till the flash drive is brought into the courtroom. Ji-seop starts sharing grim details about Hyeong-beom’s death. He claims that the soldier was left to suffer and die because the higher-ups were too busy to sanction a helicopter for the injured soldier to be taken to the hospital.

Ji-seop’s testimony sticks with the audience and the judges in the courtroom when he states that innocent lives were lost in the military where young men come to serve the nation.Just then, Beom-gu shows up in court with the flash drive and Eun presents it in front of the judges.

Eun claims that the reports on the file had confidential information and were the first incident reports that were made about the deaths. She adds that any reports made thereafter were altered to benefit and maintain the military force’s image. Beom-gu testifies in favour of Eun and takes responsibility for the first time, He says that the reports on the flash drive are true.

A flashback shows Beom-gu having a conversation with Jun-ho asking him to keep Sang-woo and Min-u distracted while he delivers the flash drive to court. The case is ended and the court rules in favour of the victims, asking the military officers responsible for the deaths to be incarcerated.

What happens to Beom-gu?

The court also seeks more evidence on the other cases. Ru-ri apologises to the victim’s family as he is taken prison to serve time. Ju-woon warns Eun, asking her to pay for what she has done. Min-u arrests Beom-gu for leaking confidential information.

Jun-ho and Ha-yeol meet him before his arrest and the two DPs sob, thankful to their senior for taking responsibility for what’s happened. Beom-gu wishes Ha-yeol well for his future outside the military and asks Jun-ho to spend the rest of his enlistment safely. The men sob as Beom-gu is taken into custody.

Ji-seop, Jun-ho and Ha-yeol visit Beom-gu in prison and the trio are apologetic for what he was going through. He sends the boys away and talks to Ji-seop in private. Beom-gu asks Ji-seop to stick behind and take care of the boys and the two soldiers finally thank each other.

How does D.P. Season 2 end?

Ha-yeol bids farewell to Jun-ho as he goes to Incheon to spend the rest of his days there. Jun-ho promises to stay in touch with Ha-yeol but the latter of the two replies that he’s not the nostalgic type to maintain a relationship with his fellow soldiers in the real world. The two DPs part ways with a promise to meet each other soon.

On his bus ride back, Jun-ho thinks about the next 364 days he has left until he’s discharged. Jun-ho spots Jang-soo on the street as a college student and the two are shocked to see each other. Jun-ho thinks back to the people he met in the military and wonders if he’ll be able to remember all of them for the rest of his life.

The season ends with an epilogue, showing Suk-bong catching up with Jun-ho at the military base camp after finally recovering. Jun-ho is initially shocked but extremely delighted to see that Suk-bong has made it out alive.

The Episode Review

It was so endearing to see Jun-ho finally smile with his whole chest when he sees Suk-bong. It is clear that he may be lonely in the military with Ho-yeol’s absence and I am not sure if a third season of this one would work without Ho-yeol’s character around.

The conflict in this episode was resolved so promptly which makes me wonder if the show was a full series instead of being a mini-series, how much of the court hearing would we have seen? I am sure Eun working as a lawyer against the military after being kicked out of her job is a conflict of interest but we can let her be the lawyer here because she does a good job defending Ru-ri.

The episode is likely to make you emotional after Beom-gu claims that he was worried for his children who would eventually have to join the military because he knew the things that took place there and tried to cover up these controversial cases for his superiors. From the way this episode ends, one can expect D.P. to come back for a third season with a whole year left in Jun-ho’s enlistment.

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