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Raffrenando, Controlling One’s Pace

We begin episode 6 of Do You Like Brahms at the Kyunghoo Cultural Foundation Young Artist Audition. Professor Jung and Professor Lee are both  unable to attend thanks to a big scandal. It turns out they’ve been having an affair with one another.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hee gets in Song-A’s good books solely to further her own career and better her chamber prospects. Unbeknown to Song-A though, she graciously accepts the offer.

At the University, Hyun-Ho shows up just as Jung-Kyung arrives too. She questions the ring he’s still wearing and tries to walk away from him. However, he pleads with Jung-Kyung to let him talk.

It turns out Young-In doesn’t know they’ve broken up but she’s going to spill the truth now. As she reveals the truth, Song-A overhears this and the ensuing bombshell that the trio won’t be performing together again.

Joon-Young’s money woes continue as he phones through to his Mum and reveals that he’s got very little left. With 23,852 dollars to his name, he promises to forward that on to her. Or, well, 20,000 of it anyway. After doing just that, he tells her to find the rest of the funds elsewhere.

Only, he receives a surprise investment from Na Moon-Sook to thank him for playing at her Foundation. This was simply a thank you for the hard work he did but he’s clearly uncomfortable about accepting this money. She refuses to take it back though.

Instead, Joon-Young takes drastic measures and heads to her house directly and hands over the envelope full of money. Eventally he admits the truth about how hard it was growing up. She tells Joon-Young that he disappoints her but as she says the words, Director Na clutches her neck and collapses.

As she’s raced to hospital, Jung-Kyung confronts Song-A in the street and tells her not to get between her and Joon-Young. Instead, Jung-Kyung goes to the hospital and stays with Na. While she does, Joon-Young runs into his Mother who happens to be at the hospital.

It turns out Director Na has been transferring funds to her Father all this time. Even worse, the 20k he transferred wasn’t actually to fuel his Father’s addiction. It was because she needed to pay for surgery.

Later that evening, Joon-Young meets Song-A and apologises for not messaging back. As they walk, she mentions to Joon-Young that she applied for grad school.

The next day, Song-A is approached by Ji-Won’s Mum and asked about Ji-Won’s performance the night she was the page-turner. Specifically she wants to know just why she hasn’t been accepted.

Song-A admits that competitions are important but tells her not to get too caught up with this as Ji-Won will likely become a great violinist later on down the line.

That evening the group head out for drinks where Song-A admits that she’s going to grad school to the rest of the Foundation members. As they talk, Song-A learns that Joon-Young couldn’t make it as he’s currently with someone.

That someone happens to be Hyun-Ho whom he learns has broken up with Jung-Kyung. After this bombshell is dropped, Joon-Young rings Jung-Kyung who asks him outright how he feels. He tells her to wait at his house while he heads over.

In the meantime, the rooftop party comes to a close and Song-A heads home. On the way, she notices Jung-Kyung leaving his house and expects the worst. Actually though the reason she’s left is because she realized for sure that Joon-Young actually cares about Song-A.

As she leaves, Song-A immediately suspects Joon-Young’s sleeping with Jung-Kyung and walks back the way she came. As she does, she struggles to hide her tears.

The next day, she runs into Joon-Young at the university and turns away from him. Eventually she plucks up the courage and tells him she likes him as the two stare one another down.

The Episode Review

Oh my gosh that ending! I thought the script-writers were going to go the route of misunderstandings to drive the story forward. Alas, that’s not the case and it looks like we’re going to get our romance angle after all. Hopefully Joon-Young can quickly explain why Jung-Kyung was at his place to prevent Song-A’s heart from hurting.

These two are so cute together though and ‘ve been rooting for them from day one. The music has taken a bit of a back-seat for the drama but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s plenty to like about this and the melodrama is really well written – especially compared to Wednesday & Thursday’s drama When I was The Most Beautiful.

Quite what will happen next though remains to be seen but this Korean drama is definitely not one you’ll want to miss!

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