Do You Like Brahms? – Episode 16 (The Finale/Ending) Recap & Review


Episode 16 of Do You Like Brahms begins with Joon-Young and Song-A discussing their feelings, with the latter asking him to wait until she’s ready. Ironically this is the same message Joon-Young told Song-A earlier in the show.

As  Joon-Young heads home, Hyun-Ho shows up with some chicken, hugging him tightly. This paves way for our quartet up on stage to perform in memory of Director Na. Song-A, of course, acts as the page-turner.

As Hyun-Ho looks set to leave, Jung-Kyung follows and asks when he’ll return. Clutching the music sheets he just gave her, she tries to hold back her disappointment when he replies “I don’t know.”

Jung-Kyung runs into Song-A who gives her encouragement and reminds her she’s not a weak person. It’s a lovely statement from Song-A, and one that encourages Jung-Kyung to take her initiative and write an email withdrawing from being a professor.

Joon-Young and Song-A talk again where he thanks her for giving him the courage to quit the Tchaikovsky competition. He doesn’t want to pressure her but hands over a ticket confirming the Graduate/undergraduate performance he’ll be taking part in instead.

As they head home together, the agonizing walk is teased with hand holding but both are reserved and hold back.

Back at the university, Song-A’s sincerity and friendliness bags her a new job working with Young-In. After pitching Song-A the idea and just why she’s such a good candidate, Young-In encourages her to think it over.

Back home, Song-A struggles to eat after admitting to her Mother she broke up with Joon-Young. As we cut across to Joon-Young, he tries to find the right words to message her. However, she decides to show up and watch Joon-Young play after all. Unfortunately she’s a bit late and is forced to watch him from the screens outside.

It’s a beautiful performance and one that sees him bow before the audience. Tellingly, Professor Yoo leaves as the applause begins. Song-A eventually slips in and watches him play Windung; a song used to connect his heart to hers.

As she stands watching, she struggles to hold back tears. She’s not the only one either, as Joon-Young’s mother comments afterward how he reduced her to tears too.

As she leaves, Joon-Young eventually answers the door to Song-A. He remembered what she said to him at the airport and mentions how she wants to play more from now on. She came to the performance as a friend but can no longer do that. After a brief pause, which sees Joon-Young look down to the ground,  she looks him in the eye, “I love you.”

We then cut forward to the 2021 Graduation Ceremony. Joon-Young holds Song-A as they say goodbye to that rehearsal room they spent so much time in.

Afterward, Song-A heads out for a big group dinner where Dong-Yoon discusses his plans for the future. The workshop is being taken down and Min-Sung is leaving. Just before she does, he encourages her to swing by with her cello.

Elsewhere, Joon-Young has his dinner with his Mother and plucks up the courage to tell her to get a divorce. Jung-Kyung is also approached by Ji-Won’s Mother, who allows her to teach Ji-Won the violin.

Later that evening, Song-A swings by and decides to sell her violin. It’s a bittersweet moment but one she soon gets over as she works with Joon-Young, organizing his trips. As she starts sorting her belongings out, Joon-Young arrives in her room and puts a ring on her hand.

He confesses her love and the two finally have their happy ending.

The Episode Review

Do you Like Brahms delivers a decent ending and although there’ s a lot of melodrama along the way, I’m glad these two had their happy ending.

Both of them have great chemistry on-screen and the reserved nature of Joon-young’s mannerisms feel quite realistically portrayed for Asian culture.

Song-A’s decision to work with Joon-Young and organize his events sees the best of both worlds, with her name underlined as the organizer and undoubtedly bound to get a lot of praise because of it.

Joon-Young can finally enjoy the piano again too and the idea that music can transcend beyond simple notes on a worksheet is beautifully illustrated here. The show has been a tumultuous ride but the ending definitely delivers a compelling finish for this Monday/Tuesday drama.

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  1. It was superb drama with a good message. I am glad that park join young and chae song ah had an happy ending.I teared up while join young was playing the piano

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