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Downton Abbey: A New Era is now showing in the UK and releases in U.S. cinemas on May 20. If you’re interested in the new Downton Abbey movie, you may want to brush up on everything that’s happened at Downton so far.

We’ll be providing Downton Abbey recaps of all seasons, plus a recap of the 2019 Downton Abbey movie. This article details what happened in Downton Abbey season 6.

Downton Abbey Season 6 Recap

Does Anna become pregnant?

Anna confesses to Bates that she has suffered more than one miscarriage. She’s nervous that she may not be able to have children. Wanting to help her maid, Mary goes with her to see a doctor in London. He says she may be able to have a child if she comes in for an operation the next time she is pregnant.

She does get pregnant again. When she starts experiencing pain, she goes in for the surgery. Anna and Bates may be able to have a baby after all.

Who murdered Alex Green?

Finally, the true murderer of Mr. Green confesses, clearing Anna and Bates of suspicion on them. Tragically, the culprit was another woman Green had assaulted.

Do Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson get married?

After resolving several disagreements about how to plan for their wedding, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes finally walk down the aisle. They get married in a church and have their reception in the schoolhouse.

Does Tom Branson return to Downton?

Tom and Sybbie surprise everyone with their attendance at Carson’s and Mrs. Hughes’ wedding reception. He wants to stay at Downton. Mary, who has recently taken on the position of Downton’s estate agent, decides to share her responsibilities with Tom.

Excited to be home, Tom makes plans to start a car repair shop at Downton Abbey.

Does Bertie Pelham propose to Edith?

In London, Edith encounters Bertie Pelham, whom she met when the Crawley family visited Lord Sinderby. They soon begin courting. Edith introduces Marigold to him as her ward.

One day at Downton, Bertie proposes to Edith. She’s delighted, but she says she must think about it. He says she could bring Marigold with her as her ward, but she’s not sure that he would accept her as her daughter.

Does Henry Talbot return to Downton?

Henry Talbot again visits Downton and wants to reconnect with Mary. Tom encourages Mary to pursue the relationship, but she’s hesitant because of Henry’s fascination with cars and racing. She lost one love to a car wreck; she couldn’t bear to lose another.

Does Gwen return to Downton Abbey?

Gwen, a former maid, returns to Downton for a luncheon with her husband, Mr. Harding. During lunch, Thomas tries to humiliate her by pointing out her former status as a maid. It backfires when the Crawley family is delighted to hear that their own Sybil helped Gwen get to where she is now.

Who dies at the car race?

Henry Talbot invites everyone to a car race he will be competing in. Mary dreads the event, as she’s worried something will happen to Henry.

It isn’t Henry who is hurt, however. His best friend Charlie Rogers crashes during the race and dies. Mary comforts Henry, but she also rejects his suit. She’s too scared to fall in love with someone who races cars.

Does Henry pursue Mary?

Henry doesn’t give up on Mary, and Tom helps him try to win her back. She’s adamant, however, that he should let her go.

Tom sees her pain, but encourages her not to lose Henry because of her past with Matthew. But Mary isn’t ready to listen.

Does Edith tell Bertie about Marigold?

Edith agonizes over whether she should tell Bertie about Marigold being her daughter. Meanwhile, the Marquess of Hexham dies, leaving Bertie’s job as the Hexham estate’s agent in jeopardy. It just so turns out, however, that Bertie is next in line to inherit the estate. He becomes the next Lord Hexham.

Mary thinks this means Bertie won’t want Edith in anymore. She’s recently learned from Tom that Edith is Marigold’s mother, so she truly doubts her sister’s ability to snag a marquess.

Edith tries to tell Bertie about Marigold, but she gets swept up in his second proposal to her. Later, he announces their engagement to the whole family. Mary takes the opportunity to say how she thinks it is admirable for Bertie to accept Edith’s faults. She details Edith’s past. Angry that Edith kept this a secret, Bertie leaves.

Why did Mary hurt Edith?

Mary tells Tom that she assumed Edith would have already told Bertie about her past. Tom sees through this, claiming Mary wanted to hurt Edith because she herself has been hurt.

Edith tells her this too whenever Mary tries to apologize. She tells her that Henry was perfect for her, but she decided to ruin her own life by rejecting him, leading her to want to ruin Edith’s life too.

Does Thomas Barrow commit suicide?

Without a place at Downton and distraught about not having any job prospects, Thomas slits his wrists in an attempt to kill himself. Baxter and Andy find him and get Mrs. Hughes, Anna, and Dr. Clarkson to help. Thomas wants to keep it quiet, but Carson lets the Crawley family know of his situation. They’re all sympathetic, and Mary goes to personally give Thomas her sympathies. Thomas finds himself touched that so many people care for him despite his propensity for cruelty.

What does Violet say to Mary?

Convinced Mary has made the wrong choice in sending Henry away, Tom sends for Violet to talk sense into her granddaughter. Violet gets Mary to admit that their class differences are not the reason Mary turned down Henry. She simply can’t stand the idea of Henry dying in a car crash, as Matthew did. Violet convinces her to believe in love and to be open to reconciling with Edith.

Does Mary accept Henry?

Mary visits Matthew’s grave to ask his forgiveness before seeking to start a new relationship. Mary calls on Henry to tell him she loves him. She doesn’t want to deny it anymore. Henry is delighted. He proposes they get married that weekend.

Do Edith and Mary reconcile?

Edith surprises Mary by coming to her sister’s wedding. Mary again apologizes and asks why Edith came. Edith says that, in the end, they are still sisters. They have a special bond. She assures Mary in her doubts that Matthew dearly loved her. He would want her to be happy with Henry.

Mary gets married to Henry, and they ride off for their honeymoon.

What happened in the Downton Abbey 2015 Christmas Special?

In the Downton Abbey Season 6 Christmas Special, Mary and Violet set up a meeting between Edith and Bertie (that is, Lord Hexham). He again proposes, and she accepts.

Tom and Henry partner to open the car repair shop, Talbot and Branson Motors; Isobel marries Lord Merton; Mr. Mosley becomes a teacher; Thomas takes over Carson’s position as Downton’s butler; and Anna and Bates have a baby boy.

Edith has a lovely wedding to Bertie Pelham on New Year’s Eve.


That’s the story of Downton Abbey season 6 in a nutshell. Stay tuned for further story recaps in preparation for Downton Abbey: A New Era.

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